Jim Corbett Mud House

  • Ecovillage
Kyari village - 244715 Ramnagar - Nainital - India

Visit the forest, Live beside a river and Spend your night in mud huts!

Stay in mud huts or tents and have a serene holiday at this eco-stay located just beside a beautiful river in Jim Corbett area. It is surrounded by dense jungles and here you can spot sambhar, bara singha, deers and also elephants. There is also a mountain nearby for trekkers. Those interested in exploring village life can go for a village tour near the stay.

If you go during the fruit season, you can pluck and treat yourself with sweet and juicy mangoes and mulberries. The accommodation is run by local villagers with professional training, who will give you the best hospitality you will remember for life. Wildlife Safari to Jim Corbett National park is an icing on the cake.


  • Supporting the local economy
  • Promoting "eco" activities
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Organic or Local Food
  • Car-free accessibility
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • More than 80% waste recycling
  • Energy saving lights
  • Green building
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • Water flow reducers
  • Recovery & reuse of rainwater
  • No disposable packaging
  • Natural conditioning or class A air conditioning
  • Regional Food
  • Biodiversity of green areas
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Digital Detox


  • Kitchenette
  • Electric Vehicles Charging
  • Private bathroom
  • Internet
  • Breakfast included
  • Organic garden
  • Bicycles
  • Ecotourism itineraries
  • Wellness center
  • Accessibility
  • Small pets allowed
  • Garden
  • Pets allowed
  • Parking
  • Educational farm
  • Vegetarians meals
  • Reading room
  • Play area for children
  • Natural pool
  • Covid-19 Safety measures

Ecolabel, Certification, Memberships

  • Ecoplore

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