Traditional Greek village house

Kefalovryso village-Argolis prefecture-Peloponnese,21200 - 21200 Peloponnese - Greece - Greece

Teacher's house is a two floor country house in a small village of 24 residents. At the 1st floor they can stay 3 people.1 double bed and 1 sofa in a studio, with wc, kitchen, living room with wood stove, balcony with amazing view, garden.

Dear traveler, welcome to this hidden gem, to the Teacher's house

The teacher's house is located at Kefalovryso village , Peloponnese, mainland Greece in a very short distance from Athens (1.5h drive) and other nearby touristy places.
This village was abandoned at the decade of 60's when the most of Greeks that period became economic refugees.
It used to be more than 500 residents but now are only 24.

Three years ago a non profit environmental intercultural organization called ; '' came at the village rented the central building of the village, renovated it and transformed it , into the '1st house of Greek food'. It is a kind of local restaurant , that promotes the authentic Greek cuisine and helps, three families of the village, who own farms with goats, sheep and several crops, buying from them their products.
With this way they support their income and motivates them to continue their hard work which is so precious nowadays.

Τhis was the first step to give live to the village.The second step came when volunteers of this organization cleaned the first houses of the village that most of them they are country houses of locals, so visitors can stay over night to this small piece of earth paradise.

One of these houses is the Teacher's home.We name it like this because it was residence of a teacher who use to teach to the primary school of the village when children were at the decades of 60's.
At present this house belongs to his son who wishes to see the village that he grow up alive again and much more his paternal home.

As you saw from pictures it is ready the first floor to accommodate 3 people and more on request.Soon the ground floor will be ready to accommodate more visitors.

This house is ideal during Summer , Autumn and Spring time.Winter it gets really cold since it is located at 750 altitude.

It can be used as a base of your vacation in Peloponnese.Here are distances from nearby touristy destinations:


The location is here: GPS: 37°41‘50,0 N, 22°28‘20,0 O

Τhings to do at the village;

*You are going to explore the narrow roads of the beautiful village
* You are going to walk at the river bed of the mythical river Inachos and if I am brave enough (13 degrees Celsius-55.4 Fahrenheit)
* You are going to swim at the small lake
* Visit at the renovated watermill of the village and explore the rest ruins of other watermills through rich vegetation
*You will relax at the hammocks
* You will visit the folklore museum
*You are going to see the fountain of Inachos river and I am going to refill my bottles with alive fresh water
* You will enjoy the well homemade food under the shade of plain tree, hearing at the same time ,the flowing waters and with -7 degrees (44.6 Fahrenheit) less than the cities temperature!
* You will discover hidden gems and the history of this places.
* You will drive in an alternative beautiful mountainous roots with my car leaving this village and discovering the other nearby villages like Frousouna, Skoteini, Exochi, Nemea ..
* You can organize several walking tours tours or mountain bike or horse riding
* You can taste several local wines in a nearby family businesses
*You learn how to cook Greek dishes-Cooking classes
* You will support this business effort with multiple benefits for the local economy-sustainable tourism

In addition if you like stars and watching night sky it has perfect visibility because of the ellipse of light pollution!

Welcome again dear traveler at the teacher's home and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !

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    • Bicycle rental service
    • Supporting the local economy
    • Promoting "eco" activities
    • 100% renewable energy
    • Organic or Local Food
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    • Ecological cleaning products
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    • Garden
    • Barbecue
    • Restaurant
    • Vegan Meals
    • Own entrance
    • Covid-19 Safety measures

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    What happens after I request a booking?

    • Your booking request is sent to the host for confirmation
    • The host confirm the booking and you will get an email with all details
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