Have you ever tried the experience of living and sleeping off-grid? In Sicily you can, in a container house surrounded by nature!

Sleeping in an off-grid accommodation facility means literally choosing an “off the grid” place, a building not physically connected to utilities, through cables or pipes, but that completely depends on its renewable energy sources, such as the sun and the wind. If you want to try this unique experience, in Sicily you can sleep off-grid near Agrigento in the Container House Accommodation, an incredible place surrounded by nature and completely self-sufficient.

Imagine waking up at dawn and the soft light of the Platani Valley lights up your bedroom. All around is nature and silence. Would you like to watch the sunset over the mountains through the imposing windows of the living room, capturing the beauty, silence, and romance of the Sicilian countryside?

We interviewed Claire Thompson who told us the incredible story of upcycling that gave life to the Container House, an isolated and beautiful place, where today you can sleep off-grid and eco-friendly near Agrigento.

How did you come up with the project of Off Grid Container House?

We left the UK and moved to Sicily in 2020 to build our home. We used the shipping containers to store tools and equipment during this time. After the build, we decided to reuse the containers and created a design for a guest house. We moved them up onto our land and we have created a stunning place to stay but have kept some of the features of the containers to remember how they began. The view is as important as the container house.

casa cointeiner eco-sostenibile ad Agrigento
Hai mai provato l’esperienza di vivere e dormire off-grid? Ad Agrigento puoi farlo in un alloggio unico immerso nella natura!

What good sustainability practices have you adopted?

Most of the build was using what we had left from our house build. The design was for an off-grid space, the same as our house. We considered the actual materials, sourcing everything locally, much of the furniture is recycled and revamped. We made it as sustainably as we could.

Sleep Off-Grid Agrigento

What do your guests appreciate most?

Many of our guests are going ‘off grid’ for the first time, and we try and educate where we can to provide thought for being more aware, trying new ways, and thinking differently, when they return home.

The container house, because of its situation, creates peace and quiet, easy access to nature. It is for stepping back and away from the noise and busyness and that I think is the main thing for guests – they want to switch off and pause.

House off-grid container in contact with nature

Which slow itineraries (walking, cycling, etc.) do you recommend not to be missed in the surrounding area?

We have many forests for exploration. We arrange foraging walks and horse trekking through the local area with local guides.

Season dependent, we arrange olive picking (seeing the process through to tasting the olive oil), and this year hope to introduce some other activities with local families and businesses.

olive harvesting

What does being an Ecobnb mean to you?

This is not just a guest house, it is a way of life that we want to share with other like-minded people – an off-grid experience is a way to reset, reenergise and take away stress and anxiety. This is who we are not simply a living.

Are you ready to sleep in a special place and experience off-grid, and sustainable living near Agrigento? This is the right address!

Author: Ludovica Botta

Hello everyone! I am Ludovica and I am 20. My hometown is Castrovillari, at the foot of Pollino but three years ago, after graduating, I moved to Bologna where I studied Languages and Markets of Asia and Mediterranean Africa. From the beginning, I was lucky enough to have parents who fueled my desire to explore and dream big. So, beyond studying, life has made me discover different things that I have completely fallen in love with like sports, music and guitar. I love to travel and discover every little corner of the world, also because life itself is an extraordinary journey that must be explored day after day.
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