Sit back and enjoy the scenery: the travels by train have a charm that no other type of transfer can offer. Often, for convenience and speed, for our travels we choose the plane, but the travels by train are not only eco-friendly but also a journey within a journey; the destination is secondary, the path, among glaciers, sea and suspension bridges on infinte expanses of green, will surprise you.

Here are the most beautiful travels by train in Europe we have selected for you, get on board!

Orient Express, the legendary train

Orient Express, one of the most beautiful travels by train
photo by dickie f via flickr

Setting of many literary masterpieces, this luxury train leaves Paris and goes up in Istanbul via Venice, Budapest with its typical blue carriages.

Glacier Express, an adventure in the pristine Switzerland

Glacier Express, one of the most beautiful travels by train int he world
photo by Germán Saavedra Rojas via Flickr

Seven and a half hour journey through 290 bridges and amazing alpine landscapes. It starts at St. Moritz and you’ll reach Zermatt by traveling in comfortable panoramic carriages along the train routes of the most beautiful mountain in the world, in the Rhine Gorge.

Belmont Royal Scotsman, Scotland Highland

Belmont Royal Scotsman, one of the most beautiful travels by train

Travelling in this train is a unique experience: lakes, waterfalls, beaches, castles of the beautiful Scotland run beside you, while on the train you can enjoy starry dinner and listen to live music while enjoying afternoon tea.

The Train of Wonders, between France and Italy

The Train of Wonders, one of the travels by train to do in your life

From mountain scenery to the scent of the sea, from mountain hikes to the seafront walks, among unforgettable and beautiful landscapes: this is the Cuneo-Ventimiglia railway, a romantic path that starts from Piedmont and comes in Liguria, via France.

Bergen Railway, the essence of Norway

Bergen Railway

In our ranking we could not miss this modern train that can reach Bergen from the Norwegian capital, Oslo. You cross one of the highest in Europe, discovering incredible landscapes highlands.

The green train, in the wild Sardinia

The green train, in the wild Sardinia
photo by Giorgio Altieri via Flickr

The longest tourist railway line in Italy is the best way to know the island and discover the different landscapes, from the rugged mountains to the unique seaside views.

Tunnel of Love, a fairytale railroad

Tunnel of Love, one of the most romantic travels by train of the world

This is certainly the most romantic train in the world. Five short kilometers of railway from Klevan to Orzhiv in Ukraine, three kilometers in the famous Tunnel of Love, a tangle of trees and vegetation that creates a charming and romantic scenery, almost unreal, a place of love promises and stolen kisses.

Circumetnea, among the lava landscapes

photo by Jurjen van Enter via Flickr

An original way to visit one of the Sicilian symbols: Etna. The historic railway was inaugurated in 1898 and travels through small villages around the volcano, giving the travelers picturesque views of this unique landscape.

Bernina red train, from Italy to Switzerland

Bernina red train
photo by Matteo Galli via flickr

A trip on the Bernina red train that makes its way from Tirano to St. Moritz in Switzerland passing through mountains, historic villages and glaciers offering breathtaking views, but also a lot of comfort with a means of transport with old design.

Transcantábrico El Clásico, a real cruise on rails

El Transcantábrico Clásico, one of the most beautiful travels by train in the world
photo by Simon Pielow via Flickr

Among Europe’s most beautiful travels by train we couldn’t forget this railroad crossing northern Spain, in the mountains, valleys, cliffs and beaches without forgetting important examples of Spanish culture and history as the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and the museum Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Which one of these travels by train is on your Wishlist? Let us know in the comments below!


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