If you are a surf enthusiast or have always wanted to try this fascinating sport, Liguria offers a series of spots that cannot be ignored. From waves for beginners to more challenging ones, here is a list of the best places for surfing in Liguria.

The Best Surf Spots in Liguria

1. Levanto: Waves up to Four Meters

Just a stone’s throw from the Cinque Terre National Park, Levanto offers waves that can reach heights of over 4 meters. This place is loved by surfers looking for challenging experiences. The different seabed characteristics provide multiple spots, the charm of which varies depending on sea conditions influenced by winds and tides. The “La Pietra” spot is the most sheltered, thanks to its shallow sandy bottom, it offers lower and easier-to-ride waves, even for beginners. The “Casinò” spot, in the center of the bay, can reach waves of 4 meters, driven by the Libeccio and Maestrale winds. Meanwhile, the “Nadia” spot has more regular but also more challenging and challenging waves, suitable for the more experienced surfers.

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2. Lerici: The Azure Venus of Surfing

The village of Lerici, in the Gulf of La Spezia, is becoming increasingly popular among surfers. This “Azure Venus” of Liguria is mainly frequented in winter when the storms hit the eastern coast thanks to the Libeccio wind. The presence of a sturdy breakwater protects the beach, ensuring ideal conditions for surfing.

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Waves in Lerici
Lerici, photo by Canva PRO

3. Bogliasco: The History of Surfing

Just 10 kilometers west of Genoa, you’ll find Bogliasco, a historic place for the world of surfing. Here, in the 1970s, the passion for this sport developed, with pioneers venturing into virtually unknown waters. The “line-up” area, where waves are caught, is located at the end of the tourist harbor, in a very convenient location.

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Waves in Bogliasco

4. Recco: Paradise for Beginners

Not far from Bogliasco, Recco is a paradise for beginner surfers. The high frequency of small waves makes this place ideal for learning and perfecting techniques. Here, the Recco Surfestival takes place, an annual festival that attracts surfers from all over Italy.

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5. Varazze: Waiting for the Libeccio

On the Riviera di Ponente, the favorite spot for surfers is Varazze. This spot is ideal for experienced surfers, especially in winter or late autumn when the Libeccio wind blows strongly, creating impressive waves. Water and adrenaline enthusiasts will find a paradise here.

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Choosing one of these charming spots will allow you to enjoy a unique surfing experience in the beautiful setting of the Ligurian coast. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Liguria has something to offer all surf enthusiasts.

surfing in Liguria
Levanto, one of the best spots for surfing in Liguria

Original article written by Silvia Ombellini

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