The Parco dei Fontanili of Capralba is located in Lombardy, precisely in the northern part of the Crema plain. This is an area of truly great value, both in terms of nature and landscape, as it hosts many specimens of unique flora and fauna. Let’s explore it together!

How to reach the Fontanili di Capralba in the province of Cremona

A watercourse passing through the trees of a forest
A forest and a watercourse, Picture via Canva Pro

To get to Fontanili you have to start from the city centre of Capralba and follow the cycle paths. Otherwise, if you want to walk, you should follow the road, which in some parts is paved and in others is dirt, flanking the springs.

What are the Fontanili di Capralba and why are they so important?

An example of a spring in the Parco dei Fontanili of Capralba
A watercourse, Picture via Canva Pro

Identified as a Local Park of Supra-Municipal Interest (PLIS in Italian), the springs of Capralba are a protected area recognized by the City Council with approval in 2003.

The importance of this area is, as mentioned before, due to the presence of elements of both naturalistic and landscape value, which are, therefore, truly of inestimable value for biodiversity. The “Fontanili” are also a distinctive element of this area.

But what are the “Fontanili”? The “Fontanili” are very simple streams that date back to the 11th and 12th centuries, and their aim was to irrigate the surrounding land.

One-day itinerary in the Parco dei Fontanili

Hands trying to catch water by a spring
Water, the most important good, Picture via Canva Pro

The Park extends for an area of 750 hectares and inside there is the beauty of 13 springs. As mentioned, they are works that are necessary to convey the natural resurgences with the aim of making the water (already there naturally) go to the surrounding land.

These springs are real naturalistic islands, certainly known for their crystal-clear water. Inside them and nearby there are different species of flora and fauna. In fact, it is easy to catch a glimpse of both dragonflies and butterflies while walking.

The Parco dei Fontanili is an ideal destination for a trip by bicycle or on foot in spring or early summer, when the heat is not excessive yet.

There are 8 possible itineraries of different lengths you can choose from. The names of the routes mostly refer to the fauna found in this territory. Here are the most suggestive itineraries:

  • The Verde (Green) Route is a nice circular tour and extends over ten kilometres
  • The Pettirosso (Robin) Route, about ten kilometres long like the previous one, is ideal for both young and old people with minimum training, and for families with children. By choosing this route you can admire all the springs except for one
  • The Pipistrello (Bat) Route is a little longer than the previous ones, as it reaches almost 20 kilometres. However, it is not the longest one. This route also passes through the villages of Casaletto, Pieranica and Quintano
  • The Cornacchia (Crow) Route is the longest one (it reaches almost 40 kilometres) but it is also the most complete one, especially because it reaches the Sanctuary of Caravaggio

Useful Tips

If you want to make a short break, you can stop near the Fontanile Quarantina, where you will find a beautiful wood, ideal for example for a picnic. Just beyond the wood, you can find the “Fontanone”, which is easily recognizable by the presence of an imposing fig tree.

A visit to these Fontanili is recommended even for the little ones, as they can have fun in nature while learning many useful and interesting things at the same time.

To find out more about the park, visit the website:

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