Sustainable Lombardy: among natural parks and rural landscapes, discover the most beautiful and sustainable organic farmhouses in this region.

Spend your next vacation in sustainable Lombardy: choose one of these organic farms, to support sustainable tourism and live a unique experience in contact with nature.

Organic farms among the hills, ecological and charming farmhouses… Choosing an eco-sustainable vacation, taste the zero km products of the farm, and live a more responsible adventure. Ready to go?

1. An Oasis of Nature among the Hills of Lecco

One of the most beautiful and sustainable organic farmhouses in Lombardy is located in the province of Lecco, in the Park of Montevecchia and Curone Valley. In this natural oasis, you can enjoy unique experiences, choosing for example to sleep on a bed of hay. The charming farmhouse was built with organic materials and is powered by energy from renewable sources. The perfect place to walk outdoors to discover the hills of Lecco.

Info: Oasi Galbusera Bianca

2. In Val d’Intelvi, Between Lake Como and Lake Lugano

Less than an hour from Milan, in Val d’Intelvi, we find this beautiful sustainable farmhouse. Here you can enjoy a regenerating experience with trekking routes and slow itineraries, including the “Sentiero delle Espressioni”. In the restaurant, you can taste genuine and homemade products. In this place, you will be surrounded by greenwood, a few kilometers from Lake Como.

Info: Agriturismo Al Marnich

3. Organic Farmhouse in the Hills of Pavia

In Pavia, an hour and a half from Milan, we find this ecological farmhouse immersed in the countryside. A place to spend a relaxing vacation dedicated to wellness. Enjoy a sustainable stay discovering the territory more slowly through gastronomic routes and guided excursions. There are photovoltaic panels and the natural swimming pool has a salt filtration system, certified by Legambiente.

Info: Agriturismo Valtidone Verde 

4. Flowers, Honey, and Experiences for the Whole Family in the Bergamo Countryside

This organic farm will welcome you with its lavender cultivations, a few steps from Bergamo. A place to spend a vacation in total relaxation and family. The structure offers many services for children: from games in every room to bicycles. In the farmhouse, it is possible to taste organic products at Km0, while for children you can book specific menus. For those who wish to arrive without a car, there is also a shuttle service to/from the nearest bus station.

Info: COMEBACK FlowerFarm per famiglie

5.  Among the Varese Prealps, one of the Organic Farmhouses not to be missed

We are located in the Varese Prealps, in the nature of the province of Varese. An agritourism built-in full harmony with nature and made with eco-friendly materials. The structure follows the principles of permaculture energy and you will be able to experience a natural stay in the name of biodiversity.

Info: Ricarichiamo le tue batterie vitali

6. In the heart of the Ticino Park

It is a farmhouse immersed in the greenery of the Lombardy countryside. A place where to live an experience in close contact with nature and for an eco-sustainable vacation. In the structure, there is also a farm that offers several educational tours to rediscover the surrounding environment. While the production of milk is carried out within the mini-cheese factory in the structure where they are also prepared excellent fresh and aged cheeses (BIO branded and controlled by ICEA).

Info: Cascina Selva

7. Among the vineyards of Iseo, to rediscover well-being

This organic farmhouse in the countryside of Brescia offers a natural environment for a different and supportive stay. In fact, the structure, in addition to offering a Bed & Breakfast service, is home to a social cooperative that creates and promotes projects for the welfare of people with mental illness. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful area of Franciacorta and Lake Iseo. A stay in the wonderful naturalistic frame of Iseo, among the vineyards of the farm and tastings of typical local and organic products.

Info: Cascina Clarabella

8. Bioagriturismo near Milan

Between Ticino Park and the South Milanese Agricultural Park, we find this organic farm. The farmhouse also carries out activities and educational workshops on different themes, depending on the season of the year. Among these, for example, an activity of recognition in the biologically cultivated fields of edible wild herbs, or the sensory identification of aromatic/ officinal plants.

Info: Agriturismo L’Aia

9. Taste at Zero Mileage between the Orobie and Retiche Alps

In Valtellina, one of the most evocative areas of the Alps, in the area where the Orobie Alps meet the Rhaetian Alps, you will find this accommodation surrounded by greenery. Your genuine and zero-kilometer stay may include walking and biking itineraries along the beautiful ‘Sentiero Valtellina’.

Info: La Fiorida

10. Shared Gardens, Farm, and Nature, on the outskirts of Milan

We are half an hour from the center of Milan but surrounded by greenery and birdsong. This organic farm is located in the heart of the Parco Agrario Sud of Milan and is a true oasis of tranquility and sustainability. Cascina Santa Brera offers organically grown products. Furthermore, the accommodation adopts energy-saving practices, such as the production of hot water with solar panels and the renovation with green building techniques. The farm organizes courses and workshops to take part in agricultural life.

Info: Cascina Santa Brera

Which of these organic farmhouses in Lombardy will be the destination of your next nature getaway? Immerse yourself in the green countryside and experiencing the incredibly beneficial effects that nature offers us.

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