In recent years, much progress has been made on environmental issues including topics from different fields (educational, social, economic). Among these advances “Corporate Social Responsibility” stands out, which has a high positive impact on the companies that carry it out.

Have you heard about CSR? It is important to know what it is in order to choose accommodations that have committed to responsible and environmentally friendly practices. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment

According to the UN definition,sustainable development is the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” which seeks to achieve balanced economic, social, and environmental development. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that companies committed to each of their actions their business actions to achieve sustainable development. But, it is also, important that people who hire the services of a company know about the subject to make better choices and thus contribute to more responsible development and environmentally friendly practices.

CSR is made up of the dimensions previously mentioned -social, economic, and environmental- and the companies that commit to furthering CSR goals and practices are currently positioned as the most competitive due to the positive impact of their actions.

Symbols representative of renewable energies and a hand that holds
Key factors that promote sustainable development. Photo via Canva Pro

Tourism companies and CSR

Companies have a great responsibility for environmental, political, and social issues due to the operations they carry out. A company’s operations have many responsibilities according to its activities, processes, and objectives.

In a globalized world, where the rules are not the same for all countries, Corporate Social Responsibility generates a balance between the social actors involved in the company and the natural environment that is affected by the company and its actions.

A tourism company must be aware of the positive but also negative impacts that tourism activity has on it’s local environment..

How to choose a lodging with Corporate Social Responsibility?

You can choose such a host by identifying some key issues that should be carried out by the company.

It is important that the company is committed primarily to its employees and to the local community where it is located. It must have clear and specific public-private commitments.

Important issues to consider:

  • Commitment to the environment and the preservation of biodiversity
  • Commitment to climate change
  • Education and equality among employees
  • Future goals that include the local community
  • Sustainable food practices and use of local foods

How can you identify these issues?

Reading the accommodation’s website, mainly the section on sustainability, or check the Ecobnb platform

Communicating in advance with the host and asking specific questions

Taking into account other guests’ reviews and experiences

A Corporate Social Responsibility hotel in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark

SKT Petri Hotel-SH Hotels and Resorts

SKT Petri Hotel is located in the center of Copenhagen and has a strategic location and a great environmental commitment. It is no wonder since it is located in one of the leading countries in terms on sustainability.

Its actions and objectives are clear and forceful as its projects are developed taking into account energy, water, waste, chemicals, and transportation. But it also has a strong commitment to the training and information provided to its employees as well as to the respect of human rights and equality.

“The hotel is committed to employee learning because it uses training time for them, and through meetings they teach us the numbers and objectives they want to achieve and that makes you feel part of the group. Also through an “immersion day” the new employees learn about the company, its values and take a tour of the hotel with the People Operations Manager.”

Yaneisy Bremer-Breakfast supervisor
Hotel employee holding a cardboard bag to contribute to food waste prevention.
Yaneisy and her Too Good To Go package that encourages no food waste. Photo via: SKT Petri Hotel. Author: SKT Petri Hotel

Let’s talk about concrete actions

What the hotel does:

  • Lower pressure on your faucets and showerheads to reduce water consumption
  • Half of the hallway lights go out at night
  • During Earth Hour all hotel lights are switched off
  • The hotel is 100% wind-powered
  • The hotel has a homemade Gin called “Breakfast Gin”, made with leftover fruit from the breakfast buffet.
  • Coffee grounds are used as fertilizer for plants
  • Garbage is separated and all organic waste is used for biogas
  • 95% of the light sources are LED or low consumption
  • If the guest says “no” to the cleaning of his room, DKK 50 is donated to Green Kayak and supports the work of keeping the city’s canals clean
  • Provides the possibility of using food that was not consumed in the restaurant through Too Good To Go (an application where you can pick up a package of food at a very low price and prevent food from being thrown away).
  • Encourages guests to book through the hotel a place to live the Green Kayak experience.
  • Provides paid training to its employees and ongoing learning opportunities
small sign inviting hotel guests to contribute to a green cause
Green thinking: if you say “no thank you” to the cleaning of your room, you say “yes, please” to the cleaning of the city’s canals. Photo by: Skt Petri Hotel

What is proposed to guests:

  • Unplug devices when they are charged or not in use
  • Reuse of towel during the stay
  • Keep taps turned off when not in use
  • Renting a bicycle at the reception desk to tour the city
  • Do not accept plastic bags when shopping
  • Refill bottles free of charge at the filtered water stations located in the hotel restaurant

“I believe that at SKT Petri we are very conscious of our impacts, in environmental, social and economic terms. We do our best to contribute positively and act responsibly.”

Nadia Ghannam-Marketing Manager, SKT Petri Hotel

Cover Photo: Canva Pro- Author: teerawut111

Author: Alfonsina Schlotthauer

I’m Alfonsina Schlotthauer and I’m from Argentina but I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’m a University Geography Teacher and I’m studying a Master in Development and Sustainable Management of Tourism. I like traveling and learning about cultures and countries of the world and I’m passionate about writing about my travel experiences. I like to connect with nature and I believe that a sustainable way of life is always better to live.
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