Few tourists, more humane rhythms, and places: let’s discover together why traveling in low-season can be the right alternative for our eco-friendly holidays.

Smart Holidays: the benefits of low-season travel

Few umbrellas in the beach, a city inhabited almost exclusively by locals and not invaded by tourists: smart holidays in low-season allow us to rediscover the best destinations under another light, a more authentic one. Traveling in low-season means making an environment-friendly choice that has many benefits.

In low-season prices are lower

In high season, transportation, housing, and restaurant prices go up insanely without offering higher quality. Low-season travel means that you can save and travel on a budget, which allows us to travel even more or give us some luxury that you would otherwise not afford!

More authentic places

Smart Holidays: the benefits of low-season travel

In low season, places have different colors and rhythms; they are more livable. It’s easier to get confused between the locals and to live like them, to taste the best scents and flavors, to live at its best the local atmosphere. In high season it is almost impossible to admire the most famous attractions: a square, a historical monument, or a natural wonder will be always invaded by tourists intending to make videos and selfies and so every place loses its full magic.

More available hosts

Being among the few tourists in an accommodation, whatever it is, has enormous benefits. Hosts can spend more time for you and they will give more attention and thus the best tips for activities, routes, and secret places.

The climate

Low-season is not rainy and cold! By choosing a good period and destination you can spend your days without the hot heat of the high summer season or the pungent cold of the winter. The temperatures will be much more pleasing and perfect even for an active holiday!