Are you looking for a hidden destination where you can find breathtaking views? The Island of Brač in Croatia is just right for you!

The island of Brač, situated in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, is one of Croatia‘s most attractive tourist destinations. With its pristine beaches, traditional villages, hiking trails and rich history and culture, Brač is an ideal destination for sustainable tourism.

The beach of Zlatni Rat, among crystal-clear sea and hiking in nature

The natural beauty of the island is its main attraction. The beach of Zlatni Rat, with its ‘ponytail’ shape that varies with the tides, is one of the most renowned and photographed beaches in Croatia. Hiking enthusiasts can discover the unspoilt nature of the island along the inland trekking trails.

The beach of Zlatni Rat on the Island of Brač
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Get lost in the culture of traditional villages

The island of Brač also offers the memorable opportunity of getting a taste of the daily life of the islanders. Traditional villages, such as Bol and Supetar, are oases of peace and tranquillity. Here you can admire the stone houses and cobbled alleys, and enjoy local products such as olive oil, wine and spices.

If you are a lover of nightlife and wish to spend your evenings surrounded by the movida and the music, Bol will be the most suitable choice. Supetar, on the other hand, the island’s historic port, which features picturesque sceneries, especially in its historical centre studded with fishermen’s cottages.

The port of Supetar on the Island of Brač
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Places you can’t miss on the island

The Brač Museum is another must-see place to discover the history and culture of the island. It contains the secrets of how oil, a product of excellence, is made.
A visit to Vidova Gora is a daydream destination where you can enjoy a stunning sunset. It is a 778-metre high viewpoint with a view of Zlatni Rat beach and the neighbouring Island of Hvar.

View from Vidova Gora
Picture by MichalDziedziak, via Getty Images, Canva Pro

The last essential stop is the Dragon Cave, in which the ancient populations depicted the first myths about the enchanted world of fairies and giants in the Slavic tradition. The cave contains four halls full of bas-reliefs, that will allow you to immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and magic.

Some tips for a sustainable stay on the island of Brač

To promote sustainable tourism, the Island of Brač has plenty of eco-friendly accommodation options, such as eco-hotels and organic accommodation. We suggest the Boutique Eco Hotel Villa Adriatica, to relax in the beautiful natural surroundings after a long hike.

Picture by Tommy_Rau, via pixabay, Canva Pro

In addition, you can use sustainable means of transport, such as bicycles, to get from one stop to another in a few minutes. For biking enthusiasts, there are various paths that connect the most diverse points on the island that can be covered with one’s own bicycles.
Another idea may be a sailing boat tour, thanks to which the island can be visited from a completely new perspective. In this way you will be in direct contact with the marine fauna and the crystal-clear water, without any negative emissions.

Don’t forget to try all the typical restaurants! In this way you can enjoy typical Dalmatian cuisine. Some plates are the delicious Vitalac (lamb kebabs), or the Hrapačuša, a dessert with dried fruit. This helps to encourage 0 km and local producers.

Restaurant on the Island of Brač
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In brief, the Island of Brač is an ideal destination for sustainable tourism. Here you can relax in natural beauty, discover the daily life of the local people and promote a sustainable lifestyle. If you are looking for a holiday of peace and nature, the Island of Brač is the perfect destination for you.

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