The number of tourists travelling in different countries multiplied post-pandemic. People are excited to finally go out, meet new people, and explore various places. Unfortunately, while it has a positive effect on the tourism industry, economy, and personal happiness, it often negatively impacts the environment. Luckily, some organisations and companies promote sustainable travel, like those that offer tours to less popular destinations, to avoid overcrowding. As a traveller, you can also be part of this good cause. Here are simple things you can do on your next trip to help protect the environment.

Slow down and immerse at the moment

There are so many things to explore, but little time to spend, so you tend to rush things and move to the next. However, you may not thoroughly enjoy the trip because of the haste. Instead, let every moment sink in and relish the experience. The journey will be more meaningful, and the memories will stay in your heart. Plus, it helps lessen pollution as you get to stay longer in one place instead of travelling to several places within a short time. Vehicles emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that could contribute to global warming.

Slow travel by bicycle
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Explore sites off the beaten tracks

As mentioned, some travel providers offer tours on less popular destinations to prevent overcrowding in famous tourist attractions, which could leave the place dirty and in bad shape. You may join these tours or create your itinerary focusing on visiting sites off the beaten tracks. A trip planner can make it easier to plan for the trip. It will recommend places based on your preference and budget. If you are into sustainable travel, it can also suggest activities and destinations supporting that.

Explore sites off the beaten tracks
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Use eco bags

Say no to single-use plastic bags by bringing eco bags on your trip. So, when you buy something, especially in the local markets and stores, you can pass on the plastic bags and use your eco bags. You can also apply this even when you get home. Make it a lifestyle, and the environment will thank you.

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Dispose of garbage properly

It may be an obvious thing to do, but sadly, many tourists fail to do it. Be a responsible traveller and leave the places you visit as they are. Your eco bag will come in handy if you don’t see bins where you can throw your trash. Put them in the eco bag and bring them with you until you can dispose of them properly.

Zero Waste Hotel
Zero Waste Hotel Ribno in Slovenia, photo by Ecobnb

Conserve water and energy

You may not need to pay extra for water and power usage in your accommodation. However, don’t make it an excuse to waste them. Instead, practice conservation, even if staying in a hotel, to lessen the emission of toxic gases that could harm the environment.

Eco-sustainable accommodation settecento alberi, italy
Choose an eco-friendly accommodation to conserve water and energy and support sustainable travel. Farmhouse Settecento Alberi, Italy, Photo by Davide Gaudenzi

Travel light

Everything you take adds to the plane’s weight. The heavier it gets, the more carbon it emits. So, pack light to prevent this. It’s also easier to go around if you have little to carry.

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Do your part in saving the environment by being a responsible tourist and practising sustainable travel.

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