Unknown to many, mathematics plays an important role in everything around us. This includes the environment. We can apply mathematics to save our endangered planet. To educators, environmental math could be the solution to the problems of our planet. It requires a lot of scientific research to help us understand climate change. This includes how it affects our lives and what we can do to prepare for the inevitable. This is just one of the many eco-tips we can apply using mathematics.

Using math concepts to teach sustainability

Sustainability is a big part of being eco-friendly. This is something you can learn using mathematics. It’s easy to relate basic math concepts to critical and current issues. This includes the sustainable availability of various resources. 

Through math, you can gain an understanding of exponential growth and limits to growth. These are essential concepts for environmental literacy. Mathematical modeling is also needed when making assessments on global environmental changes. Today, there are online curricula to learn math through current global issues. These include biodiversity, population growth, natural resource use, ecological footprint, and climate change.

Online math help

If you want to take care of the environment while studying, you need time for this. However, having enough time isn’t very common for college students who study algebra or math. To help you out, take advantage of free online services with calculus problems and answers through online resources. PlainMath has an answer to almost every calculus question you might have. Using a free online service makes studying much easier. Then you will have more time to focus on saving the environment in your own way.

Mathematical models for better environmental management

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There are some most immediate concerns in these past few decades. These are the effective planning and management of environmental systems and resources. We need this to become environmentally friendly. The issue of the scarcity of resources and contamination has resulted in various liabilities and impacts. To help solve these problems, researchers have developed mathematical models.

These models serve as effective tools. We can use them for examining the environmental, ecological, and economic effects of alternative resource conservation and pollution control actions. These models have helped decision-makers and planners to formulate management policies that are cost-effective.

Taking advantage of renewable sources of energy

To delay the adverse effects of fossil fuel consumption, people have turned to eco-friendly products. We can also rely on renewable energy sources that are now found at the very heart of a lower-carbon world. Maximizing the benefits of renewable energy sources is a possibility. But it requires selecting optimal locations for solar or wind farms. It’s also important to design effective layouts for wind turbines and tidal arrays.

Mathematicians have an indispensable role. They contribute their research into energy demand and supply. This ensures that networks incorporate higher proportions of weather-dependent energy sources. These include solar and wind power. That way, we have an assurance that there will be no powder shortages in the future.

Math makes us more aware of our environment

There are many arguments regarding the use of renewables as a power source. This has controversial advantages and disadvantages. Mathematics can bring solid science to the arguments. Use it to provide confidence in climate change models. This, in turn, can help improve existing renewable technologies.

Mathematics is also the key to the assessment of renewables based on environmental observations. We need this to make living eco-friendly a possibility. For instance, take weather data. This has helped in the prediction of solar cell efficiency. Mathematical models are now used to help communities. They use math to plan their future by establishing a sustainable energy mix. They do this through innovative energy distribution and storage. This is just one example of using mathematics to make you more aware of the environment.

For the development of new technologies

The use of new technologies is essential for a low-carbon future. For instance, we have Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). This can safely lock away greenhouse gasses emitted by fossil-fueled power stations. The presence of CCSs helps avert dangerous global warming levels. The use of comprehensive mathematical models could make this research come to fruition. These models use sophisticated network analyses. They also use statistical modeling, logistics methods, and other mathematical tools.


Mathematics is a subject that many of us have struggled with. But despite this, it is important to learn more about it. Learning math makes us appreciate its elegant and beautiful essence. It can reveal the basic truths that govern the universe in a way that no other discipline can. Learning math can help you become more reflective. Also, you can become an active member of a democratic society.

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