Let’s discover the beauties of the Tatra National Park, between lakes, caves and breathtaking paths

Situated on the Polish side, the Tatra National Park (in Slovakian: Tatranský Národný Park) is the most ancient park in Slovakia, created in 1948. With an amplitude of 785 kmq, it protects the highest mountain chain of Poland and includes Mount Rysy (2499 meters high). Unesco has included tha park in the list of “nature reserve“. Here you can admire wonderful landscapes with lakes, caves and sedimentary rocks. Vegetation changes depending on altitude: at the low end you can find red and silver firs, beeches and maple trees. Further up there are red firs, mountain pine and endemic species, characteristic of the Tatras. You will also find many animals in the park, like chamois and marmot, but also bears, deer and roe deer.

Tatra National Park is full of landscapes and long paths to explore the large area: let’s discover the best ones together!

tatra national park
Tatra National Park, via Flickr

What to see

About 550 caves have been discovered in the park: the biggest one is Wielka Snieza, 814 meters deep and 20 kilometers long. These caves have been created because of the erosive action of water, which has carved deep sinkholes and valleys.

morskie oko
Morskie Oko, via Pixabay

Then, there’s a lake with blue-greenish waters, the Morskie Oko (the Eye of the Sea), situated unders the slopes of Rysy. The bravest can also reach the peak of the highest mountain, through a path which is suitable for more experienced hikers, or go west towards Mount Mnich.

Thanks to another path you can reach the Valley of the Five Lakes, one of the best attraction of the Tatra Mountains. Afterwards, following the green path, you can admire the biggest waterfall in Poland, Wielka Siklawa (70 meters high). A hydroelectric plant has been created to benefit from the strength od the stream. Despite being inside the Tatra National Park, the facility has a minimal environmental impact.

siklawa falls
Siklawa Falls, via Canva Pro


This park is dotted with paths, more or less difficult, to reach the attractions and the highest peaks.

Starting from the west you can walk through Dolina Chochołowska to reach peaks higher than 2000 m. One of the most known path is the one which allows you to reach the mounts Grześ, Rakon and Wołowiec: it’s a very long path with 1300 m of difference in height. If you are new to hikes, a shorter circuit is the one leading to Trzydniowiański Wierch.

The most known valley is Dolina Kościeliska, the ideal starting point to take the path of the Four Red Peaks of the Western Tatras. Through this circuit it is also possible to reach Mount Giewont, symbol of Zakopane, a city in southern Poland.

dolina chochołowska
Dolina Chochołowska, via Flickr

Where to stay

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Villa Karpatia Eco Highlander House

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