Wedding hashtags have emerged as one of the most popular fads of the 21st century. While an ordered wedding registry matters, as does a perfect piece of music for your nuptials, a wedding hashtag that is well thought out maybe just as important.

Preparing for a wedding involves quite a bit of smart and strategic planning. Romantic and sweet wordplay may suffice to get your point or message access when devising your wedding hashtag.

Funny puns can also get the job done, depending on the mood you wish to convey or the theme of your special day. Here, we will focus on how to show off your wedding hashtag creatively so that you will become the belle of the ball.

Why is it crucial to have a wedding hashtag?

Implementation and planning often go hand in hand, and a wedding is no exception. Digital trends also need to be factored in when you are planning your auspicious event. Every momentous, well, moment, that a person experiences often begins with an exciting story to tell.

Short is sweet, however, so a smart hashtag will summarize your epic tale in just a few characters. However, if you want to stand out then your hashtag has to be truly unique.

How to Come Up With an Attractive Wedding Hashtag

Creating the ideal hashtag will take some inspiration. If there are no obvious rhymes, or if you need to work with a long last name, then your task will be that much more difficult. If you are having trouble then why not consult with a marketing expert or wordsmith?

If you would rather tackle your project alone then there are a few general rules that most experts recommend when designing an attractive wedding hashtag.

First, you should try and plug in your first names. Also, try and mention your last names if they are not too long or hard to pronounce. Most people love music, so you can showcase your discerning musical tastes by hinting at your favourite tracks or genres.

Romantic comedies are also all the rage, so why not plug in your favourite rom-com of all time while you’re at it. You can also showcase your sensationally superb smarts by adding some alliteration to the mix.

In sum, you need to make your hashtag memorable to get everything off on the right foot. A smart hashtag should serve as an awesome prelude of things to come. You need to personalize your hashtag to make it yours.

You also need to avoid words that are hard to pronounce or cause more confusion than awe.

Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Most experts agree that displaying your wedding hashtag on your wedding welcome sign is a safe bet. By doing so, everyone who enters will be able to quickly and easily read it, which will help generate some viral buzz very quickly.

wedding Decor vignette
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Decor vignettes can also be used in order to display your wedding hashtag. Simply place a few vignettes on the tables so that people will be able to read your hashtag without needing to put in much effort.

Another easy win: include your wedding hashtag with your ceremony program – everyone at your wedding will be reading it!

Don’t forget about the wedding booth either. Place your wedding hashtag on a table near your wedding photo booth, so the Instagram snaps of your guests can be properly tagged.

Also, while wood signs may be considered classy, and acrylic may also get the job done, a neon sign literally pops out at the audience. Many online brands actually specialize in neon signs that are completely personalized for their clients. It’s helpful to enlist the help of a pro in order to enjoy a light fixture that is 100% customized for your special day. Moreover, you can take advantage of the open wall space that is located behind your live band or disc jockey.

A custom board or neon sign will fit the bill nicely, as virtually all of your guests will check out the band or DJ at some point during the festivities.

In sum, a wedding venue display matters. A good-looking banquet hall can make or break the wedding experience for your guests, so creating the ideal ambiance and a catchy wedding hashtag should be one of your top priorities.

If you are having any issues then working with a marketing or brand guru can help make your wedding truly memorable and fun for all your guests.

What is the best way to share your wedding hashtag?

add hashtag in wedding invitation
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Every social media post that you make should integrate your wedding hashtag. At the very least, all of your wedding-related posts should incorporate your wedding hashtag so that it will be ingrained in the minds of your readers.

Furthermore, you should also add your hashtag to your wedding website. It wouldn’t hurt to include it with your wedding invitation too. The end goal is to make your wedding hashtag as easily recognizable as possible, so maximum exposure is the name of the game.

In fact, you can even use your wedding hashtag as your engagement photo prop as well. You only get married once, so do not hesitate to flex your creative muscles. Go big or go home, as they say.

The One Above All

For many people, their wedding is one of the greatest days of their lives. If you want to make your wedding stand out then you should use your hashtag to keep track of all of the photos that are taken by your guests and bridal party along the way.

Social media images can be captured via a bespoke wedding book which will only take a few minutes to make but can help create lasting memories.

The comments and captions that are left by your guests can also be stored in one convenient place that can easily be accessed whenever you want.


Cover image: photo via Canva PRO

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