Are you planning your next eco-friendly trip to Tuscany? Discover the charming village of Sassetta!

Sassetta is a charming Tuscan village perched on a hilltop in the Etruscan Coast. Its narrow streets, little squares and beautiful views of the Val di Cornia make it one of the most unique villages of Tuscany. Sassetta is also known for its marvellous red marble. In fact, since the Middle Ages, this kind of material has inspired artists to produce incredibly beautiful artworks.

green holiday in Sassetta
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The hinterland is also famous for its thermal waters, which provide the opportunity of a relaxing experience in such an untouched natural panorama just a few kilometres away from the village.

Keep reading if you want to discover what to see and do during your next green holiday in Sassetta!

What to See in the Village of Sassetta: Exploring the City Centre

historical centre of sassetta
Historical Centre of Sassetta. Photo via Getty Image, Canva Pro

The historical centre of the village is simply unique. By strolling around the narrow streets and alleyways you will witness many beautiful buildings and amazing art pieces.

Visit the Church of Sant’Andrea. It houses a series of beautiful paintings from the XVII and XVI centuries. In addition, this church is also famous for its fifteenth-century baptismal font, and its renaissance-style cross.

montalvo castle in sassetta
Montalvo Castle. Photos from Wikimedia and Canva Pro.

Another amazingly beautiful building is Montalvo Castle. The castle is located along the fortification of the old town, which is literally behind the Church of Sant’Andrea. It dates back to the XVI century when the Ramirez de Montalvo family set up the entire village as their own fiefdom. The building was also renovated in the 18th century, and it now represents one of the most beautiful spots to witness in the entire village.

Visit the Surroundings of Sassetta: Among Green Areas, Thermal Waters and Beaches

After visiting the historical centre, continue your green holiday in Sassetta by visiting the surroundings of this village. First, you should head to Poggio Neri Forest Park. This is a public park located in the province of Livorno. This green area stretches for about 700 hectares.

It boasts amazing chestnut trees, groves and oaks belonging to the Regional Agricultural Forest Heritage of Tuscany. Plan a picnic in this area. Or take part in one of the green itineraries this park offers daily.

thermal spas in sassetta
Thermal waters in Sassetta. Photo via Wikimedia.

Sassetta is also famous for its thermal waters. Make sure you plan a visit to the thermal spas, for a truly regenerating and relaxing experience. The greenery of the Valley of Pian Delle Vigne surrounds the spas, which were entirely built of river stone and wood from the forests of Val di Cornia.

This is the ultimate eco-friendly spot to truly unplug and finally relax!

castagneto carducci beach
Beach in Castagneto Carducci. Photo via Wikimedia.

If you love beach life, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to head to the really close beaches of San Vincenzo and Castagneto Carducci.

In fact, Sassetta is indeed the perfect location to explore the many beauties along the Etruscan Coast, beaches and archaeological sites included.

Choose an Eco-friendly Accommodation During Your Green Holiday in Sassetta

If you wish to sleep green in Sassetta and you are a glamping lover, you may decide to stay in one of the luxury tents in Pian Delle Ginestre. This is the perfect accommodation for those who want to be immersed in nature.

In fact, its unique location features an incredibly beautiful natural area among the trees. You will also find this place only 3 km away from the historical centre of Sassetta and about 12 km from the sea.

sleep green in sassetta.
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Enjoy a meal in the romantic terraced restaurant. Here the most traditional ingredients of Tuscany are mixed to create delicious dishes. Also, make sure you try the many chestnut-based savoury and sweet specialities on the menu.

sassetta by night
Sassetta by night. Photo via Wikimedia

Are you planning on travelling to Tuscany? Plan your next green holiday in Sassetta, and savour your journey one step at a time: you will experience a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

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