It is the heart of German industry, but it is also and above all a land deeply linked to traditions and characterized by a pristine nature. Baden-Württemberg is an enchanting German Land, less known than that of Bavaria with which it borders, but equally capable of filling our eyes with beauty.

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It is the region of Stuttgart, a city rich in culture and life, of the romantic and picturesque Heidelberg and the spa town of Baden Baden. It is the Land of the Black Forest, which covers it almost entirely with its fairytale landscapes, and also of Lake Constance. Baden-Württemberg is a land that perfectly combines technological innovation with the most ancient traditions, culture with the most varied and virgin nature. You must visit it!

Lake Constance, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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The best way to experience the most authentic soul of Baden-Württemberg is through the 20 thousand kilometers of paths of the Black Forest, the tastings of its typical products, the visit to the museums of Stuttgart. But also through a stay in an eco-sustainable accommodation, a BioHotel or a farm! Here are the most beautiful accommodations for your holiday in Baden-Württemberg.

An organic and self-sufficient farm between Basel and Freiburg

An organic and self-sufficient farm between Basel and Freiburg

Lebensgarten Erdweg is an organic and self-sufficient farm in the countryside of Baden-Württemberg. Here you can stay in an apartment on the upper floor of the house made of wood and clay.

On the Lake Constance cycle path

Farmhouse in Germany

Liebeslaube is located on the famous path that surrounds Lake Constance and is a family-run farm that has chosen to use the techniques of biodynamics. Here you can participate in the company’s activities, swim in the Rhine or rent a bike to discover the surroundings.

Yoga and wellness amidst the nature of Baden-Württemberg

Biohotel in Baden-Württemberg

The Bio Hotel Restaurant Rose invites its guests to relax, enjoying the natural beauty of Baden-Württemberg. A yoga session in the morning, a walk in the woods or a massage: the options are many!

A panoramic terrace overlooking Lake Constance and the Alps

Eco-friendly hotel near Lake Constance

The Biohotel Mohren welcomes you in a building that respects the style of the place, adding comfort and modernity. From the panoramic terrace to the organic restaurant: everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail. But the main character is alway nature!

Sleeping in a wine barrel in Baden-Württemberg

Sleeping in a wine barrel in Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg you can also live a unique and unusual experience: sleeping inside a real wine barrel, surrounded by vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

Peasant life in the Black Forest

Farmhouse in the Black Forest

Ferienwohnung Eisenmannhof offers tranquility, relaxation and the opportunity to discover all the charm of farm life. You can help with milking, collect eggs for breakfast or explore the Black Forest.

An organic farm perfect for families

Organic farm in Germany

On a picturesque sunny hill of Kinzigtales, surrounded by meadows and forests, lies Ferienwohnungen Simonshof. It is a perfect farmhouse for children. Here in fact they can get to know and pamper animals, go horseback riding, play outdoors freely.

A stay on a farm in Baden-Württemberg

A stay on a farm in Baden-Württemberg

The Hottnelocher company welcomes you in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery, between the Danube and Lake Constance. Simple furnishings, dairy cattle, orchards and tranquility make this place a true paradise!