Sustainable tourism could be the key to let discover to travelers from all the World the Italian excellence, in culture, arts, scenery and food, protecting the environment and enriching local communities.

If also you belive in that, the appointment is the next 1-2-3 October at the national railway museum Pietrarsa, in the beautiful Bay of Naples, Italy, to discuss about sustainable tourism in Italy.

This was announced this week by the Italian Minister for cultural assets and activities in tourism, Dario Franceschini.

The goal will be to multiply the tourist offer and point to a tourism of quality and excellence, “we have to extend the visitors’ stay in Italy and make them discover the beauty of the country, beyond the logic of the hit and run,” said Franceschini .

Museo di Pietrarsa, Napoli
Museo di Pietrarsa, Napoli

The meeting will take place in the ancient Italian on sustainable tourism Pietrarsa factory, built in 1840 for King Ferdinand II of Bourbon, now housing beautiful historic locomotives becoming one of the most important Italian museums dedicated to trains.


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