San Sebastián, in Basque Donostia, is an amazing destination in the Basque Country. Located in the north of Spain, this Basque pearl enchants with its nature and green itineraries.

San Sebastián is one of the most charming cities in Spain. Its location gives it a unique and fascinating atmosphere. Destination of one of the most important film festivals in the world, it is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Basque Country.

San Sebastián. Photo by Chiara Grottola.

Let’s discover San Sebastián by walking through the 5 most characteristic and authentic places in the city.

1. La Concha and La Zurriola beach

La Concha and La Zurriola beach
La Concha and La Zurriola beach.

Two must-see beaches that enclose all of San Sebastián. La Concha is located near the “Antiguo” district but is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle from all points of the city. Thanks to the presence of a beautiful promenade you can also easily reach the second beach: La Zurriola.

In this city surfing plays a fundamental role, in fact, on the basque territory there is the “Surfrider Foundation Europe”. It is a non-profit organization that works with an international network of volunteer activists, various local associations, and surf schools to carry out initiatives and projects aimed at protecting and preserving the environment.

2. The Old Town: The Heart of the City of San Sebastian

Parte Vieja San Sebastián.
Parte Vieja San Sebastián.

Parte Vieja is the historical center of the city. Interestingly, most of what you see today is actually the result of a long restoration and reconstruction work. The buildings in this area were destroyed by fire around the 14th century, caused by the siege of the Anglo-Portuguese troops who freed the city from French occupation.

Plaza de la Constitución.
Plaza de la Constitución..

Another fundamental step in this area is the beautiful Plaza de la Constitución. All around you will notice the numbered balconies, in fact, this is where bullfights once took place.

3. Mount Urgull: A Panoramic View of All San Sebastian

Monte Urgull.
Monte Urgull.

Wherever you are in the city, you’ll be able to see Mount Urgull, a majestic peak that towers over the city. It can be reached by different routes, which start from different points of the city.

The route that starts in the area of the port of San Sebastián, where the Aquarium is located and crosses the paths and stairways along the old fortifications of the mountain is very impressive.

4. Mount Igeldo: View of the whole Bay

Mount Igeldo
Mount Igeldo.

You can reach Mount Igeldo with the funicular and enjoy a spectacular view of the bay. At the top, there is also a small amusement park unique in its kind, currently active. In addition, you will be able to admire the beauty of a beautiful lighthouse and the beautiful Basque coastline that is lost in plain sight.

If you prefer to walk, once you are near the funicular, you can make a beautiful and scenic winding route on foot.

5. A Nature Trail from San Sebastián to Pasaia

A Nature Trail from San Sebastián to Pasaia. Photo by Chiara Grottola

Pasajes de San Juan is a small, but really very beautiful place overlooking the sea. Instead of taking a bus to get there try the route, beautiful, which starts right from the neighborhood of Gros. So as to make your visit to the area much more intense and interesting.

The route starts behind the beach La Zurriola (there are directions on the road). It takes about two hours, but on the way, you can take breaks in some scenic spots and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. You will also come across some Basque, this route is very popular with locals, who will be happy to give you information and help you with information on the route.

San Sebastián is a small pearl on the Basque territory and an excellent destination for nature lovers. The city is in fact surrounded by numerous green spaces and places rich in culture. This fascinating city is also a destination for the northern route of Santiago.

¡Buen Viaje!

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