The Australian capital is the first city on the planet powered 100% by renewable energy. In addition to becoming a model of sustainability, Sydney suggests to the world a possible key to recovery to face the COVID-19 recession

While the whole world experiences the damages caused by COVID-19, something valuable and pleasant is taking place in Sydney. Sydney cannot but be delighted with its latest achievement: the city is now powered using 100% renewable electricity and stands as a model of sustainability.

The initiative is part of a broader and ambitious plan, Sustainable Sidney 2030. This plan aims at improving the city’s environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. Allan Jones, the Chief Development Officer of Energy and Climate Change, drew up this visionary project and the city council released it in March of 2008.

Sydney’s goals

Sydney is thus run on locally-sourced clean energy generated from wind and solar farms. Sydney has reached that outstanding goal with perfect timing. Indeed the economic crisis provoked by COVID-19 could lead governments to bring their attention to renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources could be the key to economic recovery.

Why invest in renewable energy sources?

According to the Global Status Report by The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), clean energy investments would result in a substantial financial gain for the GDP by 2050. Therefore, sustainable development would create tens of millions of new jobs and maximize energy efficiency.

As a consequence, not only will the transition to renewable energy be a solution to economic challenges but it will also meet climate goals, fostering the decarbonisation of society and supporting clean energy.

Cover image: photo by  Marley Clovelly via Pexels

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