Faced with the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, it is now more important than ever to resort to renewable energy sources. At the moment the earth is suffering and for this reason the accommodation facilities have realized they have to change their habits.

There are many human activities that emit pollutants into the atmosphere. These include transport, building heating, farming and livestock farming, the use of paints and solvents. Many processes by which pollutants are released into the atmosphere are related to the production and use of energy.

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A fundamental alternative

The use of renewable sources for the production of electricity makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, but also the dependence of the European Union on imports of fossil fuels. For this reason, wind, solar (thermal and photovoltaic) or hydraulic energy are an essential alternative to fossil sources.

renewable energy
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Yes to photovoltaics!

According to the “Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2014” study by the International Energy Agency (IEA), Italy, with a percentage of 7.9%, is the first country in the world for the share of photovoltaics in the electricity mix, followed by Greece , with 7.6% and from Germany, with 7.0%. Furthermore, in 19 countries around the world, photovoltaics are able to produce at least 1% of the total electricity requirement.

The advantages of photovoltaics are many. Some of which are: savings on bills, energy self-sufficiency and increased building efficiency. The investment in solar is easily recoverable in about five years, thanks to various incentives. In other worlds, a panacea for the environment and for the pockets.

A cleaner tourism

The tourism sector was one of the first to understand importance of converting to renewable energy. There are two main reasons for this foresight. The first is undoubtedly the important impact of the “utilities” item on the income statement of the accommodation facilities. Thanks to installation of systems powered by renewable energy, it is possible to both save on bills and emit less CO2 into the atmosphere. This last point is of great interest to the target of customers who are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability, coming to the second reason: the added value derived from the use of green technologies.

Renewable sources and clean energy

Our community constantly promotes the upgradind of tourist accommodation in a green key.

In fact, selecting “Electricity from 100% renewable sources” in the search filter “Eco-sustainability”, you can find structures that use clean energy.

We have only one planet earth. We have to take care of it by changing our habits. So, let’s convert to clean energy sources and our planet will thank us!

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