A material used in medieval times and which is now being rediscovered: bamboo is environmentally friendly and has amazing properties that make this wonderland plant perfect for the houses of the future.


The bamboo is a plant that has a spontaneous and incredibly fast growth (even 1m per day) and that has the resistance to traction comparable to that of different alloy steels; used since ancient times for each type of construction, now architects and engineers, especially in Asia and South America, had rediscovered it, creating ecofriendly, as well as earthquake-resistant, homes.


It is a plant with a thousand uses, ranging from cooking to interior design, from fabrics to water and air filters. And it can be used in construction, where thanks to its flexibility and strength, gives the best of itself. Flooring, doors, but also as load-bearing walls: this plant can be used to build entire structures, also complex as a house. Two are the elements that convince more and more architects to choose this material: its environmental sustainability and its affordability. A bamboo forest absorbs carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, as a few other plant species, and is much cheaper than the standard wood because it grows much more quickly and easily.

Accommodations made with bamboo

Curious to see how a structure built with bamboo is look like? Around the world you can stay in beautiful hotels, B&Bs and resorts in bamboo. Here are our favorite!

The Island Hideout – Thailand

Here you live the wild beauty of nature without giving up the luxury and comforts. No TV or Wi-Fi, sleeping among the trees overlooking the sea, in buildings made of bamboo and other natural materials.

Bamboo Eco Hostel – Italy

A small hostel just a few minutes from the center of Turin, which is committed to be more and more green. It offers both double rooms dormitories, and several shared spaces to socialize with other travelers.

Bambu Indah – Indonesia

This eco-resort combines the ancient and traditional architecture with the modern and sustainable techniques, creating beautiful luxury spaces.