Autumn is coming: the trees are turning warm colours, the chestnuts are ripening, the days are getting shorter. But most of all, it’s harvest time! For all wine lovers, this is the right season to indulge in a moment of relaxation and enjoy a glass of red wine surrounded by the vineyards of an environmentally friendly farmhouse.

A glass of wine among vineyards
Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

We have selected for you 12 eco-friendly accommodations where you can live an unforgettable autumn experience. Are you ready to discover the agricultural life of these kingdoms of good wine? Here are our suggestions.

1. Rocche di Montexelo – castle view (Cuneo)

Panoramic terrrace of the rocche di Montexelo, castel view

In one of the oldest villages of Langhe-Roero, Rocche di Montexelo offers 4 large apartments that will be the starting and arrival point for many excursions. The surrounding area is a labyrinth of hills, partly still wild: the Rocche del Roero. They are deep ravines and picturesque gullies which, millions of years ago, were below sea level. Or you can restore your body and mind in the private Spa, or on the panoramic terrace overlooking the castle.

Since 2019 we have the Green Key certification which rewards our environmental commitment:

  • Heating and conditioning of the latest generation with very high efficiency, powered by zero km biomass;
  • Anti-waste blocking system for air conditioning and heating by opening doors and windows;
  • “Solar-thermal” energy exchange panels for the production of hot water in the heating and sanitary circuit;
  • Fully LED lighting with timed lights in common areas such as stairs and garages;
  • Collection of rainwater for use in toilet flushes, plants and garden;
  • Wall Box for electric cars in the garage. Rental and recharging also for electric bicycles.

2. The Rovero (Verona)

Outside of the Rovero, a farmhouse where a biological wine is produced

The Rovero is a farmhouse near Garda, surrounded by woods, olive groves and vineyards. All around the farm there are several country roads and numerous interesting routes for walking, cycling and riding. In fact, inside the farm there are stables for those who want a holiday on horseback.

In addition, those who wish can follow the life of the farm: grape and olive harvest, wine making, care and breeding etc.. Besides, the farm produces fine organic wine, Bardolino, and extra virgin olive oil DOP Garda.

3. BioAgriturismo Campo di Cielo Vegan (Belluno)

Campo di Cielo, an organic farm that produces wine, fruit, vegetables, corn

Located on a slope by the splendid panoramic view over the valley Feltre 10 minutes from Cesiomaggiore (Belluno), Campo di Cielo is an organic farm that produces wine, fruit, vegetables, corn.

Here you can breathe the scent of natural wood and feels its beneficial effect. Thus an atmosphere of regenerating warmth and security characterizes the inside of the structure.

The architecture is in green building, solid wood completely, and systems Clivet heat pump to ensure the total renewable energy. In other words, it offers sustainable well-being in the vegan restaurant and bed & breakfast zero energy.

4. Fattoria Quercia (Bologna)

Fattora la Quercia, where you can taste organic wine

In a panoramic position on the hills of Valsamoggia, the organic farm Fattoria Quercia offers Bolognese cuisine, vegetarian recipes and allergy-friendly menus (e.g. gluten-free dishes). Also, you can taste the organic farm wine.

Their sensibility towards the environment is evident in the choice of organic products since a long time, in the photovoltaic system and solar panels, and in the attention to the recycling.

5. Agriturismo Girolomoni (Pesaro e Urbino)

Girolomoni farmhouse in Marche

Girolomoni is an organic farm surrounded by greenery, in the hills of the Marche. Here you can taste healthy food grown organically by the cooperative. It brought back to life a territory that had been discarded and abandoned.

In fact, you will find not only a farmhouse, but also a cultural foundation, a mill and a pasta factory with one of the first organic pasta produced in Italy. What’s more, the small inn just below a monastery of 1380 will allow you to taste our specialties and those of the surrounding area, using organic and local ingredients.

Time and calm will guide you during your holidays on the Girolomoni farmhouse. You can walk surrounded by enchanting landscapes, drink a glass of wine while enjoying the sunset, and to take a bath in the swimming pool treated with salt.

6. Agriturismo Fattoria Lavacchio (Florence)

Lavacchio, farmhouse that produces wines and organic extra virgin olive oil

You can find the farm holidays in the heart of Lavacchio Farm, where wines and organic extra virgin olive oil are produced. It is located on the top of Montefiesole ridge at 450 m a.s.l.. The buildings of the farm have been restored respecting the typical Tuscan style in order to guarantee the most comfortable stay in the rolling hills of Chianti Rufina.

To find out the traditions of this region, you can live for a short time an “Organic Tuscan lifestyle“. Every week they organize various activities related to agriculture, gastronomy, culture and sport. In addition, they open their cellars for those who want to learn more about organic products and teach traditional recipes. Finally, they organize horse rides through the vineyards and olive groves of the Farm.

7. BIOAgriturismo Poderaccio (Florence)

Farmhouse Poderaccio, Ecobnb in Tuscany

On a hill overlooking the beautiful mountains of Vallombrosa, at the Poderaccio farm you can easily see the roe deer grazing the fields around the house, the jay flying among the olive trees and at dusk crossing wild boars and porcupines between the rows of vines.

At the Poderaccio you can warm yourself with wood, the sun provides hot water and energy for the needs of the house. Indeed, this structure has obtained the certification of the Bio-Ecological farmhouses and their products are all certified by the ICEA inspection body.

The guest house is located in the centre of the farm. It is an 18th century farmhouse that has been renovated by recovering the original architectural details. In fact, they used demolition materials and products of green building. Moreover, they used essential family furniture or found in local antique markets according to the Tuscan style.

8. Agriturismo Villa Dama (Perugia)

Villa Dama, with organic and natural products

Those who choose to spend their holidays at Villa Dama, choose nature, warm hospitality, good food and breathtaking views.

Located in the centre of the villa, the highlight is the restaurant. Here guests can enjoy dishes made using organic and natural products from the 170-hectare farm.

In addition, for those who would like to live a real agritourism experience, they organize organic cooking courses, nocineria and cheese making courses, olive and grape harvest week. At last, they will guide you through the animal farm and the organic vegetable garden.

9. Relais Villa Acquaviva (Grosseto)

Relais Villa Acquaviva, surrounded by vineyards

Relais Villa Acquaviva is a romantic hotel and farmhouse in the Tuscan Maremma. It is ideal for those seeking wellness and relaxation. In fact, Fattoria Acquaviva’s wine cellar contributes to enhance the elegance and charm of the Relais with the production of excellent wine. In the restaurant, La Limonaia, you can taste the typical products of the Tuscan Maremma, wine and oil of the eco-sustainable farmhouse.

10. Agriturismo Da Foschetta (Macerata)

Caecus, wine of the I Tre Monti fam, where stands the Da Foschetta accomodation

The farm I Tre Monti is located on the slopes of Monte San Vicino, in the centre of the land historically owned by the Pettinelli family. After a long history of wine production, in 2009 they planted the new vineyard. In this way, they could focus on the choice of Verdicchio DOC di Matelica. For the first time the product ends up bottled and with a label and a story all its own, the Caecus: a wine dedicated to Monsignor Luigi Pettinelli. He was a blind missionary and also a small wine producer. Between one mission and another, Luigi returned to Matelica to dedicate himself to his vines. Right there now stands the “Da Foschetta” accommodation.

In this historical place all the most important measures are used to be environment-friendly: stuccoes, paints, solar thermal panels, the recovery of rainwater and the recirculation of fresh air.

11. Lama di Luna (Barletta-Andria-Trani)

Farmhouse Lama di Luna among olive groves

Lama di Luna is an eighteenth century farm inhabited by settlers and sharecroppers, now restored with bio-architecture and feng-shui. You can relax in 190 hectares of natural landscape, among olive groves, cherry and almond groves and vineyards. They are all organically grown and certified AIAB-ICEA.

In full respect of the original structure and of our great rural building traditions, the farm has been renovated with mortars and natural materials, with the reuse of materials already present such as old boards, bricks and fixtures of 1800. Besides, its forty funnels, its scattered trulli and its cave tell the story of the people who lived in this magical place.

A series of itineraries suggested in the morning let you discover a corner of Italy full of villages, Romanesque cathedrals, Frederick’s castles, and ports. Finally, you can get to know the essence of Lama di Luna though walks and mountain bike rides, or stories about the rural life of the past.

12. BagolArea EcoFarm sull’Etna (Catania)

BagolArea EcoFarm on Mount Etna

Overlooking the Ionian coast between Catania and Messina, BagolArea EcoFarm on Mount Etna is an organic farm with 24 hectares of biodiversity. It includes vegetable gardens, citrus groves, orchards, vineyards and woodland cultivated according to the principles of permaculture. Here guests can pick seasonal fruit and vegetables from the fields, from clementines in winter to strawberries in summer.

You can stay in the old farmhouse restored according to the criteria of bio-architecture, in two cosy flats or in wooden houses immersed in cultivated fields. Otherwise you can use the panoramic Glamping area, in a tent or in bright rooms.

Moreover, energy saving is guaranteed thanks to the installation of solar and photovoltaic panels. There is also a biomass boiler that reuses pruning waste and the remains of forest maintenance.

Let yourself be carried away by the intense colours and flavours of autumn in these magical eco-sustainable holiday farms. Take part in the grape harvest and you will live new experiences in contact with nature!

Cover image: Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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