Coeliac disease it is an important aspect to take into account when traveling. Nowadays, it is not so difficult to keep under control: we just need to follow some tricks and choose the best places for your gluten free travel. Let’s have a look.

The permanent gluten intolerance arises from a complex of nitric substances, created during the mixing of different flours from cereals, including wheat, spelled, barley, rye, and oats. This common condition affects 1% of the population worldwide. For this reason, in last years a gluten-free food culture has been created.

Bread and cereals
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This means the reduction of the consumption of processed products as much as possible. But also the need to find a more natural food out, respecting the environment and biodiversity. Traveling for coeliac people would not be a problem anymore. They can enjoy their holiday in a complete carefree.

A gluten-free travel

Travel free
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The pleasure of traveling belongs to everyone. However, it is not easy for a coeliac to travel, and if the place to reach is not so urbanized, things can get worst. Furthermore, there are not always the best conditions for food to be gluten-free at all.

The best way to travel, without any gluten problem, it is having the right knowledges. Here, 5 advices to leave in complete safety are introduced.

A thorough research

Meal Plan
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Every travel needs to be planned carefully, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprise. We need to get informed about principal ingredients of the local cuisine. After that, we can report them on a sheet of paper, and keep it with us for the whole journey. Of course, you need to choose some of all the dishes. Anyway, you are going to know the cooking in general better, rather than a restaurant only.

Make the right questions

Gluten-free dish
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Sometimes, it is not enough asking about flour in a dish. As a matter of fact, many restaurant workers do not know about the presence of gluten in some courses. In addition, several gluten-free foods are cooked together with other normal ones. This dangerous mix can be a problem for coeliac people, who will end up socializing with the toilet only. So, do not be afraid to make more questions, they will save your meal.

A reserve of gluten-free snacks

Gluten-free snacks
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In most cases, all the known snacks may contain flour. For this reason, coeliac people need to bring a reserve of snacks with them. In this way, their luncheon, with fruits or other things, will be safe as well as them.

The coeliac association of the area

Computer and job
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All over the world there are several associations for people with these conditions. The AOECS is the Association of European Coeliac Societies, that represents people who are affected by coeliac disease in Europe, but it collaborates with international coeliac organizations.
In Italy Associazione Italiana Celiachia offers a good map where you can find places that guarantee the gluten free service. This will help you to save time for your journey.

Choose the best hotel for you

Gluten-free breakfast
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It is better to communicate our food necessities during the booking process, in order to be sure, they will be prepared for our arrival. Even though, nowadays it is easy to find a hotel or a B&B that offer a special menu for those with intolerances.

To make sure you will be ready, here you have some of the best hotel facilities, you can find on Ecobnb . Of course, all of them are  gluten-free guaranteed.

Costabella San Pellegrino, Trentino

Costabella San Pellegrino

Have you ever been in Trentino? Among the Dolomites, not far away Perla Alpina di Moena, there is the hotel Costabella San Pellegrino. Thanks to the traditional cuisine of Trentino, you can taste the ancient flavors prepared with all km 0 ingredients. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are also available.

Bio B&B Il Melograno Nano, Tuscany

Bio B&B Il Melograno Nano

A special trip awaits you in a farmhouse of eighteenth century . An incredible stone structure, ceilings with exposed beams, and embellished with a garden gives a breathtaking view on Apuan Alps. The natural and organic breakfast is a perfect solution for all dietary needs: microbiotic, vegan, diabetic, or for those who suffer from intolerances (gluten, lactose, eggs, sugars). Make sure you specify your needs while booking.

NaturHotel Miraval, Alto Adige

NaturHotel Miraval

Integrated in the ecosystem of Alta Val Badia, a small family-run hotel arises. The NaturHotel Miraval offers specific eco-sustainable menu with specialties for its coeliac guests.

Galbusera Bianca Oasis, Lombardy

Oasis Galbusera Bianca

Galbusera Bianca Oasis is an organic agritorusim in a 14th century town near Lecco. In a WWF Oasis for biodiversity a Bio Osteria arises , with different menus choices from vegetarian to the traditional one. Galbusera Bianca Oasis is also an Organic and Biodynamic farm. For this reason, all the products used in the Osteria are considered Km 0 and are converted in sorbets and preserves.

Coroncina, Marche


In the rolling hills of Marche there is an ancient farmhouse that became an elegant vegan and eco-fiendly agritourism . With its attention to the environment and its local foods, it promotes vegan or vegetarian menus. You can ask for specific dishes for your intolerances. Let yourself be enchanted by its wellness center and swimming pool.

If you need more information, or you are interested in finding a gluten-free hotel, you can search it on Ecobnb.

You can find all the hotel facilities who adopt gluten-free menus, choosing “Gluten free meals” in the research filter “Service”.

You need to prepare the baggage only. Enjoy your gluten and problem-free journey!