Going green is the right way to go, if you want to contribute to the preservation of the environment. If you’re passionate about eco-friendliness and want to make a change, we recommend that you get these four must-have, eco-friendly accessories and pieces of furniture for your bedroom. Lessen solid waste and take part in taking care of the planet on a micro-level, starting from your bedroom. Feel free to check out the list below and see why we’ve chosen these four items to represent a perfect eco-friendly bedroom.

Eco-Friendly Paint

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If you’re thinking about redecorating your bedroom, you might want to consider “healthy” paint. It comes in different colours, just like regular paint, but it can’t have a negative impact on your health. A great thing about eco-friendly paint is that it isn’t toxic and doesn’t contain any chemicals that can cause sleeplessness or feeling sick, in the long-run. There are even milk paints made of milk proteins or mineral and plant-based pigments, and they’re all mostly non-toxic with a base made of water. Keep the chemical emissions in your house low, to ensure that your health stays intact. Sustainable paint can stand the test of time even though it is designed to contain less chemicals or harmful ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Mattress

eco-friendly Mattress
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Getting an eco-friendly mattress, doesn’t mean that your mattress won’t be firm and stable. It will still have its firmness and provide support to your spine, just in an eco-friendly way. This means the material the mattress is made of is organic and natural, therefore, safe for the environment. Just like paint can contain gasses or chemicals that can take a toll on your health, similar chemicals can be found in your mattress as well. Once you don’t need the mattress any longer, you can recycle it again or give it to someone in need. The longer you use your mattress, the more eco-friendly it is, since eco-friendly products are known for their longevity.

Organic Furniture

Organic Furniture
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Sofas or beds made of organic materials are the right choice for sustainable interior bedroom design. They can be made of recycled materials that have a low carbon footprint, which means your lifestyle didn’t make a negative impact on the environment. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials include bamboo, cork or bioplastic. Furthermore, sustainable furniture can be aesthetic and visually enrich the room with their sleek, minimalistic design. To ensure that the carbon footprint stays low, it is best if you buy your organic furniture locally, instead of having it shipped to you.

eco-friendly bedroom decor
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Consumerism and excessive buying can also affect the level of your environmental consciousness. You should cut down on buying unnecessary stuff that only creates more clutter in your room. Remember eco-friendly, means clean and organic, so don’t stuff your room or make a mess every time you’re in it, but keep your space clean and organized, so you can make the environment the same one day. Anything harmful to the environment shouldn’t be used in your bedroom. What is your bedroom like? Tell us all about your experience in the comment section below.

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