Being one with nature brings several benefits to a person’s healthy state of mind, body, and spirit. More often than not, a nature trip is simply what it takes to rejuvenate from the tiring and busy city life. Apart from this, a nature trip may just be the adventure that you need.

immersion in nature
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A nature trip offers a way for you to literally reboot

More often than not, people embark on a nature trip just to get away from their busy lives, or even to get out of their daily routine grind. This is especially true if they are already starting to feel burnt out and stressed because of several factors like career challenges, relationship issues, and even endless financial obligations. It is in these instances wherein a nature trip to reboot and recharge is already necessary.

Spending some time with nature can reset your logical way of thinking and calm your mind. You don’t really have to be an adrenaline junkie or an adventurer to climb the highest peaks. You can simply stay in a place that is infused in nature to allow you to breathe. In California, The Ashram is known to be one of those places that offer accommodations and activities that are all in parallel with nature tripping. Apart from this, you can even indulge in several of their wellness activities to complement your nature trip to retune of your mind.

Oftentimes, the rejuvenated feeling you garner after a nature trip doesn’t leave you even if you already go back to the city and get on with your usual routine. Your increased energy because of your nature trip will most likely persevere for a couple of weeks, or even months after you get back. Thereby, it can be deemed that a nature trip is essential, especially for those who are on the verge of burning out, in order to recharge and rejuvenate.

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A nature trip will increase your attention span

The bright lights in the city, as well as a fast-paced city life oftentimes, cause people to be in awe. But at the same time, it can cause people to be overwhelmed and there is a great possibility that they may lose focus because of several things that commands their attention. It is in these instances wherein a nature trip proves to be beneficial.

The benefit of an increase in attention span seems to help children as well. There are studies that show that children exposed to nature can concentrate more and focus on a certain task, compared to children who more frequently use technology. Thus, while technological innovations also have benefits for children, it is important that they get to spend some time and appreciate the beauty of nature more.

nature and creativity
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A nature trip can boost your creativity

There is just something in nature that is so inspiring. There are writers that spend days, weeks, months, and even years in log cabins because they find it easier to write in the stillness of nature. In the same manner, poets and composers often go far and wide in search for an inspiration to write their next poem or compose their next song. More often than not, they find what they are looking for in the midst of a nature travel, either through a hike on a trail, camping outdoors, or even through a stroll on the beach.

Painters also bask in the beauty of nature to search for a motivation and a theme for their paintings and drawings. Thus, more and more painters prefer to create their masterpieces outdoors. It can therefore be deemed that nature in itself is a source of inspiration, which can boost a person’s creativity.

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A nature trip can leave you in awe

If you are wondering how being in awe is actually good for you, just take a look again in a sea of clouds you see on a mountain peak, or a magnificent sunset on the beach. It may be unfathomable but being in awe because of the majestic scene that unfolds right before your eyes somehow gives you hope that there is someone out there bigger than you, more powerful than you, capable of creating the beautiful view that you are able to bask into. There is even a study that shows that being in awe is linked to an improved patience and an increase intent on being able to help and give back. The same study links being in awe to a greater life satisfaction. Apart from this, the magnificent and breathtaking views nature has to offer is also good for your Instagram account.

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A nature trip encourages mindfulness

Over the recent years, more and more people are engrossed in practicing mindfulness exercises such as yoga, meditation, and Pilates. This is because these practices are known to be good, not only for the mind and body, but for a person’s overall well-being. Deliberately concentrating your focus and attention to specific smell, sound and other environmental details is perceived to be the first step in achieving the goal of mindfulness meditation. A nature trip enhances these mindfulness exercises because being one with nature heightens one’s senses. Thus, a person has more focus on the things happening in his or her body, as well as in his or her environment.

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A nature trip will give you a breath of fresh air

Different modes of transportation exist in the city. In parallel, it is also in the city where different processes that increase the carbon footprint of humankind can be found. Thus, it can be deemed that the air you breathe in urban areas such as the city you live in can already be deemed polluted. You may feel sick time and time again or you may notice other people around you are experiencing the same. Medical professionals may give you the medicines you may need to help you get better and you may find that this work for quite some time, until you eventually get ill again.

This is true even for those who tend to spend most of their time indoors. The pollutants in your home can cause the same ailments and diseases that you acquire while living in an urban area. There are even studies that show that these pollutants have a higher and greater concentration compared to the outdoor scene in an urban setting.

It is in these instances wherein a nature trip will most likely help. While a trip to the beach can prove to be of an advantage, embarking on a trip to a natural landscape of greens is more recommended if you are after a breath of fresh air. This is because the air quality improves more with the presence of trees and greens. The trees are natural air makers or pollutant cleaners. Thereby, the air you breathe when you take a nature trip is definitely much cleaner, leaving you healthier.

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A nature trip will boost your Vitamin D

The sun is your best natural source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important to help your body absorb other nutrients such as calcium which is essential for bone growth. It is also important for other body functions, as well as to minimize your risk for diseases. While the sun is known to have harmful UV rays that may cause skin and health problems, the sun is also important for good health.

There are studies that show that exposing your skin under the sun for at most half an hour is the best way to maximize Vitamin D production in your body. Nevertheless, if you are outdoors on a nature trip, there is a great possibility that you will be exposed to the sun for a whole day. This is good for your body to take full advantage of the sun to hasten Vitamin D production. Thus, it can be deemed that a nature trip will most likely boost your body’s Vitamin D.

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A nature trip can improve your mood

Over the recent years, mental health issues have been discussed more openly to encourage more and more people who encounter the symptoms to seek professional help. These mental health issues may include depression and anxiety, which are also often linked to a person’s mood. While medications do help a lot, there are studies that show that people with mental health issues who take a walk outdoors in a serene and natural environment consistently, significantly improved their condition. This is because being one with nature considerably reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, improving their overall mood.

It is not just the walking exercise that can make a person feel alive or with a purpose, but it is actually his or her immersion with nature. Nevertheless, even people who are not suffering from mental health issues benefit from a nature trip and stabilize their mood. The view of a beach, a walk on a forest trail, or even just sitting under the shade of a tree and watching the clouds can already lift one’s spirit.

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A nature trip can help you heal

No two people undergo the same healing process. This is because different people employ different measures to help them cope and heal from either the emotional pain of losing a loved one, or the physical pain of trying to recover after an accident. No matter what kind of pain you are going through, a nature trip can definitely help you heal.

Physical pain can oftentimes be addressed by medications and treatments. Nonetheless, a nature trip can complement the medications and treatment by providing you with a new environment where you can fully heal, such as the beach where you can exercise by swimming, or an easy trail where you can exercise by hiking. It is noteworthy to consider that your body will tend to heal faster if you continue to move, and what better way to encourage yourself to do so if you spend your exercise time with nature.

Dealing with emotional pain on the other hand proves to be a more challenging feat. This is because more often than not, no medications can immediately offer relief from the pain you are feeling. It is in these instances wherein a person looks for avenues where he can express and let go of the pain that he is dealing with. It can thus be deemed that one of the best places to go to and help you heal is a place where you can infuse with nature. It has been said before that nature can actually feel. Thereby, scream out your pain and worries in nature and let nature embrace you back for comfort.

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A nature trip can inspire you to live a healthier life

People often seek for an inspiration in order to start a healthy living. A healthier way of life proves to be difficult, especially if you are used to convenient means such as instant meals or dishes. This is also true if you are one busy person who doesn’t really have the time to practice a rigorous exercise routine consistently. It is in these cases wherein a nature trip may just to the trick for you to turn around.
You can jumpstart a fitness regimen when you embark on a nature trip. This is because there is a great possibility for you to find inspiration for a holistic living through nature. A nature trip that will require you to walk, hike, run, swim, or any activity that will keep you active is a great way to get you started.

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A nature trip is indeed one of the best activities you can indulge in if you feel tired and overwhelmed by the busy life in the city. It has several benefits that will not only affect your state of mind or body, but it can even touch your spirit. It may be inexplicable but nature has a lot to offer, and some are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, it can be assured that all that nature has to offer are benefits for the betterment of everyone on the planet.

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