South of the most famous Val di Non, there is a wild and lonely valley. It is the Sporeggio Valley, located between the slopes of Mount Campa in Brenta Dolomites and Mount Fausior and our destination today.

One of the most pristine valleys of Adamello Brenta Natural Park

Alta Valle dello Sporeggio
Alta Valle dello Sporeggio, foto di Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta

We are in Trentino, in the beautiful Adamello Brenta Natural Park, a perfect destination for us eco-travelers that are also mountain lovers. Sporeggio Valley has glacial origin and takes its name from the stream that crosses it and then meets the river Noce. The villages of the valley, including Sporminore, Spormaggiore and Cavedago, are surrounded by truly breathtaking nature. Getting here means immersing ourselves in the silence of the alpine scenery, discovering lost valleys, rediscovering the pleasure of an exploratory excursion, when the goal does not count, but every moment spent between the trees and the greenery does.

What to do in Sporeggio Valley

What to do in Sporeggio Valley
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Therefore the main activity we will do in Sporeggio Valley is definitely to explore: there are plenty of paths to follow. There is for example path n. 301 which continues up to the Gaiarda Pass (2242m), the 344 which reaches Passo del Calmer at the foot of the Cima dei Lasteri and descends along the Val delle Seghe up to Molveno. In about 5-5.30 hours of walking you can also make the crossing of the Campa chain from south to north.

The Sporeggio stream has a rather short course, but crossing slopes, wooded and mountain environments it often changes its appearance, transforming from a small cold stream into a river with a beautiful character and perfect for fishing some trout. Permit is required.

Near Spormaggiore there are the ruins of Castel Belfort. Floors and ceilings have long collapsed, but the grandeur of the building and the mighty tower remain, which form a scene of absolute charm. In the rural and fascinating Cavadego we must absolutely visit the Gothic church of San Tommaso, 900 meters above sea level in a panoramic area overlooking the Dolomites and Val di Non.

The animals you can see

bear in Adamello brenta park
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Adamello Brenta Natural Park has an extraordinary fauna richness. In particular, Sporeggio Valley is the home of the brown bear. We head to the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park, which offers us the unique opportunity to be able to observe this impressive and magnificent animal up close and in complete safety. In the park we also find some of the animals that live in these territories: wolves, lynx, foxes, eagle owls and roe deer.

Where to sleep in Sporeggio Valley and surroundings

On the Molveno Lake, the green Hotel Garnì Villanova is the perfect location for your car free vacation surrounded by nature, and can be a starting point to visiti the Sporeggio Valley.

If you like outdoor vacations the eco-friendly camping Spiaggia is one the best camping for kids in Trentino, and offers also the possibility of stay in beautiful eco-friendly wood chalets surrounded by nature.

In Andalo, not far from Cavadego, the Hotel Ambiez Family & Wellness awaits us, an eco-friendly accommodation perfect for everyone. If you are looking for the perfect place for a group holiday, Casa Santel is the right choice!

Cover photo: foto di Michele Zeni, Archivio Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta