A pair of binoculars, a camera and maybe a book guide to recognize them: it takes little to practice birdwatching, yet seeing birds in their natural habitat is an experience that you must try, a new discovery that always gives emotions. For some it is a simple hobby, for others a real obsession, but birdwatching can conquer everyone: this is why we have selected for you 10 sustainable accommodations around the world where you can admire the flight of different birds, to stay still once amazed by the beauty of nature.

Birdwatching in Australia

Daintree Peaks Eco Stays is a B&B born in 2017, which tries every day to reduce its ecological footprint. Completely off-grid, it is located in Queensland, a few steps away from a tropical forest where numerous colorful birds nest.

Discovering the birds of Costa Rica

Macaw lodge is a mountain Eco Lodge located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, adjacent to the Carara National Park, near the Turrubares Hills Forest Reserve and the Fernando Castro Cervantes Wildlife Refuge. It is the ideal destination to discover a wild nature, to wake up with a yoga course, to admire waterfalls and of course for birdwatching.

Lesser kestrel in Lazio

Villa Naumanni, located in Mignone Valley, is the ideal place to spend relaxing moments, surrounded by nature, near the sea and numerous places of historical interest. The farmhouse owes its name to the lesser kestrel (Naumanni is the scientific term), a protected species that nests in the cavities of the walls of the farmhouse. The accommodation is home to the only colony of lesser kestrel in Lazio: from a nesting couple in 2011 now is the home of 19 couples.

A Spanish farm perfect for birdwatching

Living a holiday at Finca Las Morenas means experiencing a rural Spain that still maintains a slow and relaxed pace of life. You can see goat breeders who take care of their herds in the countryside near the roads and don’t be surprised if someone rides on horseback while you enjoy your coffee in the village. Behind the house is the Sierra de las Nieves National Park, perfect for birdwatching thanks to the presence of rare bird species.

An adventure in Sweden

For those who want to combine the birdwatching experience with that of a truly unusual and magical stay, Kolarbyn Ecolodge is the perfect place. In Sweden’s most primitive hotel there is no electricity, there are no showers, but all the mystery of nature and suggestive huts in the forests. You can wake up with the sound of birds and spend your day photographing them, admiring moose and beavers, canoeing on the lake and cooking your food directly on the fire.

Birdwatching in the Ligurian countryside

Among chestnut and olive trees, there is an unknown side of Liguria. The sea is only 30 minutes away, but here it is all green, there’s always fresh air and tranquility guaranteed. The B&B Via Col Vento is a welcoming country apartment, in an area with many paths and mule tracks, where you can enjoy a morning of birdwatching accompanied by a professional guide.

Wine tasting and birdwatching in California

The Inn At Locke House is an elegant 19th-century inn, the ideal starting point for exploring and experiencing Sacramento Valley, tasting excellent wines, cycling in the greenery and birdwatching. The territory is the habitat of over 100 species of birds, including the American bittern and numerous species of water birds.

Birds, nature and relaxation just a stone’s throw from the sea

Back in Italy to discover a beautiful eco-lodge nestled in 16 hectares of nature, in the Molise countryside. From your bedroom, you can listen to birdsong, and in the nearby Punta Aderici Nature Reserve, you can observe many species of birds: from the bee-eater, the great tit, the herring gull, the kingfisher, the buzzard, the heron …

450 species of birds in Central America

Rancho Naturalista is a must for birdwatchers: over 450 species of birds have been recorded in the private reserve. We are back in Costa Rica, in what looks like a real piece of paradise.

A stone village to discover the nature of Molise

La Piana dei Mulini is a historic stone building from the 1700s, located in the Biferno Valley. An organic breakfast in the morning and then we start discovering the surroundings; in the river park you can practice many activities: hiking or biking, horseback riding, birdwatching, nordic walking, rafting and caving.