What are those elements that you need for a wholesome, relaxing, and rejuvenating stay? Closeness to nature or inspiring surroundings? Maybe extraordinary food experience and amiability by the hosts? Just recently, we have visited Il Cannito. Experienced them all, and a lot more.

The surroundings

The eco-lodge, located on the hills of Capaccio, overlooking the stunning Valley of ruins of Paestum and just a stone throw away from the Cilento Sea. The property itself, where the two carefully renovated stone houses can be discovered, is a massive 15 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation with olive, oak, and elm trees. A truly magnificent location for you to reconnect with nature, next to the secluded poolside with amazing views, while the Capaccio in the back pillars over you.

The main building with the oak, that became the symbol of the resort
The main building with the oak, that became the symbol of the ecolodge

The stunning stone house that is home for Il Cannito is based on an ancient monastery, blends in fully into the scenery. While the interior is contemporary, luxurious, and for sure inspires you to immerse in the work of local artists while enjoying the carefully selected cuisines and wines of the region.

Il Cannito ecolodge in Cilento

The four rooms of the ecolodge were not only designed by the principles of bio-architecture but are elegant and represent the four opposing elements: Sun, Sea, Earth, and Moon. All of them are spacious, welcoming, and have a high-quality interior, while the artworks in them, mainly done by Pietro Lista correlate to their names.

Room "Earth" at Il Cannito
Room “Luna” at Il Cannito

The history

Here, I had the chance to be welcomed by the owners, Antonella and Nicola, two members of the family-run eco-lodge. I asked them to share the story of how did Il Cannito start:

“We love the nature and to be able to support the union that people can have with it. Il Cannito was born by the great vision of our half father, Luigi, who just 40 years ago bought this property. From the start, he had an idea for the place, and of what we are supposed to use it for. People need to get in harmony again, both with themselves and with nature. To rebalance and just to have a great time. After all these years (since the opening in 2006), we would like to continue this plan, while growing in the direction of the circular economy, that we believe is the road we all should follow.”

Poolside with a view
Poolside with a view of the Valley of Paestum

Together for the greater good

Looking around in the lobby, and the art-packed common areas, you can feel the owners’ personal taste and inspiration from the Italian arts. When asking about their cooperation with the artisans and different projects, an even more elaborate vision of Il Cannito outlined before my eyes:

“We would like to create and represent a community of people, artisans, who live with love and passion towards nature and transform that into inspiration. In this matter, we will also offer an artist the possibility to do an art installation at Il Cannito during the winter this year. The installation’s principle will be to spread the awareness for circular economy and all around it.

We are collaborating with Paola Mirai, a jewelry designer from Milano. Within the framework of her “Seed Saver project,” she would like to continue to preserve the original Italian heritage and go against GMOs in food production.

This summer season, we had the honor of working together with Sea Shepherd, who are concerned with the pollution of the seas and oceans. They have visited us on our beach, Ecovillage Maremirtilli, where they could talk about its importance and raise consciousness among the people.
Another lovely project we had started co-operating with this summer was CasaGIN. The company aims to produce clothing with natural fiber and repurposed plastic from the oceans.” You can find more information and a lot more exciting ideas while stating at Il Cannito.”

Experience the Salerno region

When talking about the possible reasons why guests are returning each year and what they are enjoying the most in Il Cannito, Antonella explained:

“We feel very fortunate for our lovely guests. A lot of them are having the same mindset as us. Not only enjoying our surroundings and live in harmony with nature, but also interested in the cases we are supporting.”

Il Cannito has prepared a map with the collaboration of a great illustration artist, Antonella Manzo to demonstrate the natural and cultural surroundings in the area, for their visitors’ appreciation:

Map of the surroundings of Il Cannito, done by: Antonella Manzo
Map of the surroundings of Il Cannito, done by: Antonella Manzo

A true Mediterranean food experience to be lived

Sourced locally or straight from their own farm of the highest quality, the family aims to create typical dishes with authentic flavors, representing a healthy lifestyle. There is a big emphasis on PDO products, like Mozzarella di Bufala, Campana Dop, Cilento white fig, Controne bean, Menaica anchovies next to all the local wines, like the one from Azienda Agricola San Giovanni.

Preparation of a dessert
Preparation of a dessert by Nicola, head chef and owner

From home-made pasta to the agricultural reality of the farm, it is inevitable that you will be left with a unique and unforgettable taste experience at Il Cannito.

What does it mean for you to be the part of Ecobnb?

“We are so happy to be a part of this community. I feel we speak the same language and that we are in complete harmony. I think, together, we can spread and share our vision and create the necessary change.”

If you got excited to unwind in an extraordinary environment, indulge yourself with the local flavors or explore everything the area has to offer, see more of Il Cannito here.

Il cannito ecolodge surrounded by nature of Cilento

Il cannito view on the sea