You feel like you could touch the sky with your hands. 5 magical destinations to take a closer look at the stars.

What’s more romantic than watching the stars? Nowadays, the skies in the cities are clouded by light pollution. But if you find the right location, you can be a stars hunter for a night!

man who look at the starts in the mountains
Photo by Joshua Earle, on Unslpash

Astrotourism is spreading everywhere in Italy and Europe, thanks also to the brave astronauts like Chris Hadfield or Luca Palermitano that have shown the universe to the world. An Italian project, Astronomitaly, has collected a list of the perfect destinations to look at the stars in HD for all Astro-tourists. Indeed, this project gives a certificate to the most suitable destinations for astrotourism thanks to strict standards. It also organizes meetings and activities with professional telescopes and experienced guides.

Where can you stay for a magical night and look at the starry sky in Italy? Here there are 5 perfect locations:

1. Discover the most beautiful sky in Tuscany

Certification Astronomitaly Poggio alla Rocca

Stars are holes in the sky from which the light of the infinite shines (Confucio)

Poggio della Rocca is located in the middle of the countryside in Tuscany. You can admire typical vineyards and olive groves of this region. This farmhouse has been certified by Astronomitaly, it’s one of the most beautiful sky in Italy! This location is perfect if you want to become an astro-tourist.

2. Admire the unspoilt sky in Abruzzi

“Sometimes at night I would sleep open-eyed underneath a sky dripping with stars. I was alive then.” (Albert Camus)

A green experience in an old shepherd’s house. Now it has been converted into a organic farmhouse where you can also find a treehouse transformed in a room. Among three Abruzzi Regional Parks, the farmhouse “Aperegina” is situated far away from the light pollution of the city. It is a wonderful place to look at the stars in high definition until deep night.

3. Get drunk with stars in Umbria

Starry sky
Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

“With great gulps, I got drunk with stars” (Guillaume Apollinaire)

Villa Dama, located in Gubbio, welcomes everyone who loves astronomy. This location offers many paths where you can take a stroll by night and admire the awesome starry sky. This experience in the middle of nature will surprise you.

4. Listen to the sound of the sea and look at the stars in Sicily

“I wonder what’s better than the breath of the stars that open your window during a summer night and the scent of the sea that enters in your room” (Fabrizio Caramagna)

If you want to become a stars hunter, near the beach in Trapani there’s a place for you, the eco-friendly hotel Auralba. You can relax in the wonderful panoramic terrace and your slow holiday will be unforgettable.

5. Go back in time and watch a starry sky in Sardinia

“Who gave us the eyes to look at the stars without giving us the arms to touch them?” (Florbela Espanca)

Sardinna Antiga is an eco-friendly village. It was built from ancient Sardinian houses, in the province of Nuoro. Silence and nature will be the protagonist of your green holiday. You will feel like you can touch the starts during the night and the moon will illuminate the entire valley.

Do not hesitate, book your adventure and become an astro-tourist!

Author: Camilla Tecchio

I’m Camilla, 22 years old, student of Linguistic Mediation at University of Trento. Travelling is my passion and being in contact with the nature is my favourite part of every new experience. I believe in sustainability because I fell I need to take care of the environment that surrounds me in any situation, for our common future.
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