A mix of history, breath-taking landscape and excursions. Let’s come aboard on the Renon train.

Would you like to enjoy a different weekend that would surprise your children? Let’s come abroad to Renon train and enjoy a magical adventure among South Tyrolean mountains.

The adventure starts in Bolzano and it is a Slow and Responsible Touristic path because you don’t have to use the car. You can reach all the locations of this unmissable experience by efficient public transports. You will be surrounded by majestic mountains. Form the Renon plateau you can admire the Corno Nero, the Corno Bianco, Odle group and Sarentine Alpes.

mountain landscape and a lake
Oddle Group, on Wikimedia Commons

How to reach Renon train

The ancient locomotive starts from Soprabolzano, a little town at 1221 meters in altitude.

The adventure begins in Bolzano. You can arrive there easily by train. Here, before starting the excursion, it is worthy to have a cultural stop in Alto Adige Archeological Museum. It is one of the biggest museums in Italy. You can admire Ötzi, or the Ice Man, the world-renowned mummy.

Bolzano seen from above
A magical view of Bolzano

You’ll just walk a few minutes outside the old town of Bolzano and catch the brand-new cable car. Only 13 minutes to reach Soprabolzano, in the Renon plateau. From the beginning, the landscape is amazing, it seems that the majestic mountains are giving a hug to the valley. Going in the cable car is like climbing the mountains, you should experience this unique feeling.  The cable car leaves every 4 minutes. Prices and hours are updated on the website.

Travel through time by Renon train

The magical little Renon train
The magical Renon train

When you arrive at the first train stop, you seem to travel back in time. This narrow-gauge railway is a unique piece throughout South Tyrol. It runs every 30 minutes, all year round, every season. Price and hours are constantly updated here.

The train was built in 1907, during the touristic boom. They tried to emulate mountain Swiss trains in vogue during the Belle Époque.

There are two terminals: Collalbo and Maria Assunta.

children in the touristic Renon train
Throughout the journey, children can admire the majestic mountains comfortably seated in the little train. You can relax and enjoy the travel unhurried, appreciating every single corner of this natural beauty.

What to visit in Renon plateau

Areal view of the plateau, green and slow itineray
A view of the Renon plateau

The entire journey on the train lasts 18 minutes. There are some intermediate stops between the two terminals. You can also get off from the train, go for a walk, discovering hidden places of the plateau and catch another train to come back.

Among the excursions also suitable for children, the most famous is the way to the Earth Pillars. They are wonderful natural statues, caved from the rain and the glaciers 25.000 years ago. Made of malleable clay, they seem like the ancient Egyptian constructions.

In addition to the suggestive Pillars, you can also choose to learn and know deeply the amazing world of the Bees. Go and visit the Beekeeping Museum. It was built in the Maso Plattner, one of the most ancient farmhouses in Renon.

Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to discover the Corno del Renon. It is a 2.260 meters peak, where you have a fantastic 360° view on the Alpes. It is called also the “round table”.

Or you may choose the Freud Promenade. A stroll through the places visited by the well-known German psychologist during his stay in Renon. The Promenade starts in Collalbo.

Earth Pillars and a view of the Renon plateau

A characteristic farmhouse in Renon
A characteristic farmhouse in Renon

The activities to do in Renon are countless. Do not worry about finding a place where to eat after your excursions, there are several taverns and farmhouses where you can taste food and wine specialties, biological and zero kilometre products.

On your way back to Bolzano, you can enjoy the last moments or your experience in a playground near the cable car station in Soprabolzano.

So, this is an amazing tour, full of enchanting places in the middle of the unspoiled nature, also cheap and unforgettable for kids!

child playing in nature, surrounded by mountains
Photo of Krivec Ales, on Unsplash

For those who want to keep discovering the area, it is easy to reach all Renon localities in a few minutes by the efficient bus network. Submit to Ritten Card to have even more discounts and save money during your green holiday!

What are you waiting for? Book your green weekend in the South Tyrolean woods! Are you curious about it? Comment the article with your experience!

Featured image: photo of Rittner Erdpyramiden, on wikimedia

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