The overwhelming beauty of Moena, the Alpine Pearl and Fassa Valley: sport, nature, and wellbeing. Discover it with your new eco-friendly staying at Hotel Central Moena. Elisa, the owner, told us all her green and zero-mile choices.

Need a break from using your car every day? Here’s the right place to discover the Dolomite’s beauty moving only by foot, mountain bike, e-bike, or public transports. To taste the authentical and zero-mile mountain’s flavors, and also to live a sustainable holiday. Hotel Central Moena is a wonderful window on the Fassa Valley, in the Dolomites of Trentino. A full of surprises land with a unique magnetic appeal.

Closed in only 20 kilometers, between Moena and Canazei, Fassa Valley is totally surrounded by the Dolomites, mountains that are so perfect in their shape that look like someone has drowned them. But this extraordinary land has so much more to give to his visitors than only dolomites stone masterpieces. From the richness of its nature to the different historical and cultural aspects, this unique and unforgettable destination is able to meet the taste of every kind of guest.

Fassa Valley landscape. photo via Pixabay
Fassa Valley landscape. photo via Pixabay

Moena: the “Fairy of the Dolomites”, the place where to truly live the mountain

Moena is the first village you reach when entering Fassa Valley. An Alpine Pearl, the ideal choice to live an unforgettable and sustainable holiday in the mountainsNature is the true protagonist in these places, that perfectly fit into the busy agendas of people looking for relax, wellbeing and peace.

The ski area of Moena is one of the biggest in the world; it will fascinate you with its modern ski resort and endless ski slopes. But most of all, you’ll be impressed by the breathtaking panoramas, unmissable and unforgettable for any visitor of the Valley.

Not only ski in Moena, but also relax, wellbeing and lots of fun! There are thousands of green and family-friendly experiences to live for eco-friendly tourists here, by foot or bike. For this reason, with no doubt here you will find the perfect green hotel to meet the needs of your next sustainable trip.

After a day spent on ski slopes or on natural excursion nearby, you cannot leave the Valley without an immersion in the magic atmosphere of Moena. You cannot miss a walk in the narrow and white streets, enchanted by the lights of the hundreds of handicraft, local products, and clothing shops. 

Moena, photo via Alpine Pearls
Moena, photo via Alpine Pearls

Hotel Central Moena, an Ecobnb in the heart of Moena

In the central square of the historical center of Moena is located the Hotel Central Moena, which promote sustainable mobility, slow and responsible tourism. The day starts with a rich buffet breakfast with home-made cakes and zero-mile sweat and salty products. It continues with a series of hiking activities, with changing levels of difficulty, that allow customers not to use cars for the whole staying. Hotel Central Moena is, in fact, the perfect place for a car-free journey: you can easily reach the hotel with a train-bus combination.


Elisa Franzoni, the owner of Hotel Central Moena, told us something more about the sustainability experiences they are promoting.

Interview to Elisa Franzoni from hotel Central a Moena

How does your eco-hospitality project come to life?

We thought about a staying for people who, even on holiday, promote respect for the environment without giving up to the comfort that a 4-star hotel is able to guarantee.

Hotel Central Moena: zero-mile breakfast, room and an itinerary in the snow
Hotel Central Moena: zero-mile breakfast, room and an itinerary in the snow

Which characteristics make your eco-hospitality unique?

We offer a zero-meter breakfast. All the cakes, in fact, come from our pastry (50 meters from the hotel), while the other products, like milk or cheeses, are all zero-mile, coming from different suppliers of the Valley.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to explore the natural surroundings with wonderful long walkings mentored by our local touristic guide.

We love the idea of reducing car pollution. In front of our hotel, there’s a bus stop, from which it always leave a shuttle sharing that, both in summer and winter, leads tourists to mountain passes, so they don’t need to move by car. In winter, the service is useful for them to reach the different ski resorts of their interest.

We give detailed information to our guest in order for them to reach the Central Hotel with a combination of train and bus (50 meters from the Hotel) if they wish to do so.

Shuttle Bus in Fassa Valley, photo by
Shuttle Bus in Fassa Valley, photo by

Which itinerary, experience or hike you strongly suggest to your guests?

Above all, we suggest walking or mountain biking experiences that leave directly from the hotel.

They offer pollution-free breathtaking and authentic views. The Hotel is only 19 kilometers away from Carrezza Lake and 5 minutes from the cableway Ronchi – Valbona.

Carezza Lake, 19 km away from Central Moena, photo via Wikimedia
Carezza Lake, 19 km away from Central Moena, photo via Wikimedia

What good practices of sustainability did you adopt?

Among the green initiatives:

  • energy-saving bulbs,
  • 100% renewable sources for energy,
  • information to the guest about the ecological practices to reduce polluted-detergents consumption with the use of signs for changing of towels.

For what concern sustainable mobility, an aspect we are really into, we provided the hotel’s guest with a free mountain-bikes service to live zero-impact unforgettable adventures.

Hotel Central Moena - room, e-bike itinerary and wellness center
Hotel Central Moena – room, e-bike itinerary, and wellness center

What does it mean to be an “Ecobnb” and an “Alpine Pearl”?

It means to offer the most ecological solution inside Moena, the most beautiful place in the Dolomites!

Thank you, Elisa, for the interview! 

We are ready for our overwhelming immersion in nature, but also in the culture and tradition of the place, without giving up comfort, sustainability, and respect of the place.

We hope you will love your next trip discovering Moena and the lovely Fassa Valley!

Front picture by Federico Modica, via Alpine Pearls

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