Moena, fairy of the Dolomites, is a charming alpine village surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains of Italy. The history of this incredible tourist destination is intertwined with the local legend of King Laurino, who reigned over a dwarf people on Mount Catinaccio with his daughter Ladina, living in a huge rose garden. One day Ladina fell in love with the Prince of Latemar and fled. The King Laurino, overwhelmed by pain, threw a curse: “Let the darkness fall and cover the vivid colors of these roses, day and night, and the beautiful song will be silenced.” The fairy kingdom was thus replaced by arid rock, but the king had forgotten the dawn and the sunset that since then have given the mountains the colors of the roses. Ladina, married to the handsome prince, had given birth to three little girls, the Trei Tosate and lived peacefully in a sunny valley, whose name was Moena. Of course, it’s just a legend, but Moena has a really magical atmosphere!

We take you with us to discover this enchanting Alpine Pearl, its colors and its nature. Here are 10 green experiences you can’t miss in Moena, perfect for children but also for adults, for an unforgettable family holiday.

1) Cycling through woods and pastures overlooking the Dolomites

Cycle-path from Moena to Sorano
Cycle-path from Moena to Sorano

Bicycle, e-bike or mountain bike. Moena is the ideal destination for those who dream of a holiday on two wheels. Here there’s the Dolomites cycle path, which from Predazzo leads to Cavalese (in Val di Fassa), along the stream Avisio, or in the opposite direction to Canazei (in Val di Fiemme). The Dolomites cycle path offers a total distance of 48 km with a total height difference of 650 meters. Once you arrive at your destination you can also return to the starting point by bus or with the shattle Bike Express Fassa Fiemme.

After hiring our MTB equipment at the Navalge store, near the center of Moena, we choose to cycle towards Canazei up to the village of Soraga di Fassa.

We cross the cheerful streets of Moena by bike, teeming with people, between shops and bars. This Alpine Pearl between Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme has a well-preserved and preserved historic center, which seems to take you back in time. We remain fascinated by the watercourse that flows in the heart of the village, by the details of historic buildings’ facades, by the colors of the houses.

Cycle-path from Moena to Soraga di Fassa
Cycle-path from Moena to Soraga di Fassa

The cycle path, which can also be explored on foot, immediately gives us unique views. The path winds gently in the green, between meadows and woods, and at every turn we find ourselves facing the evocative profiles of the Dolomites. We ride for a few kilometers until we reach Soraga di Fassa, a small village a few kilometers from Moena. Here there is a beautiful park with various games for children, benches and tables for picnics, a bike park and a descent to the river.

2) The fairy lake of Passo San Pellegrino

lake of Passo San Pellegrino

During a mountain holiday in Moena you can not miss a walk to the alpine lake of San Pellegrino, at the foot of the Costabella massif. It is a lake of glacial origin, as Gianluigi, our guide, explains us. All around green pastures, firs, larches, and the sound of cow bells that accompany our steps. We are at 1,900 meters above sea level, here the air is pure and fresh even in summer. The itinerary is also suitable for children who can here experience the wonder of nature and touch it with their hands. The hamlet of Passo San Pellegrino is far from the buzz of the lively Moena and allows you to rediscover an authentic contact with nature, immersed in silence and in an enveloping green. You walk surrounded by spruces, green meadows and small streams of water until you reach the lake, which surprises us with its thousand reflections and nuances. We continue following the gentle path that runs along the lake, discovering an uncontaminated nature rich in biodiversity.

3) Milk a cow in a typical Alpine cottage

After the tour of the lake, we walk towards the San Pellegrino malga that we reach in a few minutes. We witness the return of the cows, led by the shepherd dog: the milking moment has arrived. It is a truly unmissable and exciting experience for children, but also for adults. The milk has a scent of mountain herbs never felt before and it will be used to make the “Puzzone”, the very famous cheese typical of Moena.

Milk a cow in a typical Alpine cottage

4) Walking with sheep

sheep in Moena, Trentino, Italy

Unusual things can happen in Moena: walking around the lake of San Pellegrino we meet Nuvola and Baia, two pretty and cute sheep brought on a leash by a girl. Sweet and friendly, the sheep let themselves be pet by the children, enraptured by this casual encounter. But this is only one of the activities that allow you to get closer to the farming world: it is possible for example to walk to the Alpe di Lusia to discover the Sweet World of the Bees, admire their work and taste honey.

5) A window on Moena and its mountains

A window on Moena and its mountains

From Ronchi, just 3 kilometers from Moena, you can reach by cable car an incredible panoramic point, Le Cune. Here our gaze has no boundaries, Val di Fassa shows us all its beauty, the peaks of the Catinaccio and Lagorai, the Pale di San Martino alternate with thick woods and wide and sunny clearings.

6) The uncontaminated nature at the Alpe di Luisia

The uncontaminated nature at the Alpe di Luisia

From Le Cune we walk down to Valbona, along the “Sweet den” trail. In a dense and verdant forest there are statues of animals, games and clues that tell stories and curiosities about the local fauna. Once in Valbona, a beautiful free playground and a picnic area await you, as well as an alpine hut with a bar and restaurant.

7) Music, shows and games at the Valbona chalet

In the playground of Valbona children get wild among the many wooden games, in a place that offer a breathtaking view of the mountain view. Our favorites are the straw jump and the balancing game. On summer evenings, Val di Fassa and Valbona Chalet light up with theater shows, jazz concerts and workshops for children.

8) Sleep in Moena in eco-friendly accommodations

Sleeping in an eco-friendly hotel is a must for those who choose a holiday in Moena. In the Alpine Pearl, the eco-friendly accommodations are many: for your family vacation we recommend two, one perfect for those who love contact with nature, the other for those who prefer to stay in the historic heart of Moena.

We stayed in one of the natural wooden rooms of the Hotel Costabella, ideal for those looking a rural hospitality. It is one of the oldest hotels in Passo San Pellegrino and offers a breathtaking view, a delicious breakfast and a typical restaurant.

Hotel Maria is located in the center of Moena and allows you to reach the town’s shops and restaurants in just a few minutes. The property offers a gourmet restaurant and an exclusive spa where you can relax after a day spent in nature.


9) Barefoot in nature

Barefoot in nature near Moena

In Moena you can also experience a truly unusual sensory experience. Near the Roncac hut, there’s the Barefoot path, few kilometers immersed in the spectacular nature of Trentino that you can walk barefoot. You can reappropriate your natural spaces and experience the sensations that only direct contact with the ground can give you.

10) A holiday in soft mobility

Eco-friendly holiday in Moena, Trentino
© Federico Modica

Moena offers numerous soft mobility services. It is easy to arrive by train and plan a car-free holiday: a pay card gives you access to all Val di Fassa cable cars and public transport, the Bikeexpress Fassa-Fiemme is available for cyclists to bring them back to the point starting after the many trails available in the area, the tourist summer train will take you from the center of Moena to the surrounding hamlets; everything will be accessible and you can experience the territory without damaging the environment.

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