Denmark is a beautiful land, where nature gives us unbelievable shows: the sand dunes, picturesque forests of crooked trees, constellation of bays and islands, and much more. But in the tip of Grenen, the peninsula north of Skagen in Jutland, there is a show that I personally can not wait to admire. This is where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea, coming from the opposite direction. The two seas, of different density, meet but do not mix.

Denmark, the two seas that never mix

Like there was an invisible barrier between the two, their waters do not mix creating a truly amazing visual effect that seems almost supernatural. Instead the phenomenon is easily explained by the different density, temperature and salinity.

Skagen, Denmark: the two seas that never mix

Skagen is a small fishing village, where every year flock painters and photographers because it is here that you can enjoy the best of the views of the two seas do not mix.

What do you say, we leave immediately for the beautiful Denmark?


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