In the very heart of the Stelvio National Park, Valdidentro awaits you to explore its hundreds of beauties to admire and experiences to live. Hundreds of colors among lakes, mountains and woods for a whole summer to live.

Whatever you expect from a holiday in the mountains, you’ll find it here in Valdidentro. From sports, to local mountain traditions, to culinary specialties and relaxing spas… you’ll be spoiled for choice! Here you are 10 different and unique experiences for an eco-friendly holiday in Italy!

1) Explore Valdidentro and Bormio by bike

Stelvio Valdidentro

For those who love adventures on two wheels, Valdidentro will be HEAVEN! Whether it is a mountain bike, a racing bike or an e-MTB, routes are for everybody. They have different levels of difficulty, varying from easy tracks to the great and well-known Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo climbs.

If you’re not fit enough, or you’d rather concentrate on your riding technique and save some energy, Valdidentro allows you to rent an e-bike. Here the first Italian e-bike rental E-Stelvio has recently opened to help everyone reach those spots that would otherwise be difficult to get to.

2) Hiking in the Stelvio National Park

Trekking in Valdidentro

If you prefer hiking boots to bikes and rather walk among the beauties of Valdidentro, Stelvio National Park is the ideal place to go to. We’ve already talked about how to discover Valtellina on foot, here we’ll give a couple of brief tips on where to go in Valdidentro.

Among the huge and luxuriant softwoods, you can follow the route from Arnoga to Cancano, an easy track suitable for kids to reach the artificial Cancano Lakes. You can also walk on the glacial track to discover the historical traces of the First World War, or event explore the Pedemontana della Reit, with breathtaking glimpses on the entire valley.

3) Discover local culture among mountain huts

Valdidentro among mountain huts

To live the authentic life in Valdidentro, you really should pay a visit to the local mountain huts. Have yo ever wondered how much effort does it take to make some delicious cheese starting from milk? Or even how honey is produced? Among the mountain huts of Valdidentro you can rediscover all of these traditional crafts that still today bring to our table excellent local products. With specific didactic themes you and your whole family will personally get to know alpine pasture, dairy production, stables and much more! Per vivere la Valdidentro autentica, non potete assolutamente mancare alle visite alle malghe.

4) Running aroung Cancano Lakes

Running in Valdidentro

For every competition lover out there: in Valdidentro, running competitions won’t be missing for sure during your summer. On August 26th the Energy2Run will take place: a running competition around the Cancano Lakes. But you can also take part in the Short Run or in the non competitive Run.

With the Enjoy Stelvio National Park program, two other events were added to the Energy2Run, specifically on July the 6th and 28th, to run to the Cancano Lakes.

5) Along the lakeside on board of a carriage

ValdidentroLake San Giacomo

Why not choosing a funny and different way to go around the Cancano Lakes? Well, from July 28th to September 2nd you’ll find a beautiful carriage carried by horses to explore the natural beauties of the Lakes and of the surroundings.

Perfect for animal-lovers families and kids, to live an unforgettable and alternative adventure.

6) Exploring with the whole family

Val Trela Valdidentro

In Valdidentro there are plenty of activities to do if you are on a family trip: many routes are suited for children and their needs. To spare some energies, you can choose e-bikes rather than the traditional ones, or easier tracks. At the Bike and Skill Center there will also be expert instructors to help them riding their mini-bikes.

Museums, Libraries and the Stelvio National Park often organize different activities for the younger ones to explore the local flora and fauna.

7) Trekking with your beloved dogs

Husky trekking in Valdidentro
Husky, photo by Marek Szturc via unsplash

Valdidentro is also pet-friendly! To find the perfect place that makes both you and your pet happy is often a challenge for those travelling with a dog. But here you’ll find a Husky Village where there are many different things to do, especially for huskies, and all year round.

This summer, take your husky with you and try Husky Trekking, to walk among the woods in Valdidentro with expert guides, or  the Husky Kart… sleddog‘s summer version!

8) Overnight in a green hospitality in Valdidentro

church San Gallo Valdidientro
S. Gallo Church, photo by Fausto Compagnono,

For a perfect eco-sustainable and green holiday, do not miss these eco-friendly hospitalities in Valdidentro. You can stay in B&Bs or Inns, always paying attention to the environment, to local products and o km ingredients.

When exploring the surroundings, you’ll also find a great number of mountain huts, where authenticity and traditions are always a guarantee for products and ingredients.

9) Your well-deserved break in a thermal spa

Valdidentro thermal spa

After the many adventures and fatigues around the mountains in Valdidentro… you really deserve a relaxing break to treat yourself! Immersed in the thermal water and with a breathtaking view, you shouldn’t miss the thermal spas in Bormio, Bagni Vecchi and  Bagni Nuovi. These were already known at the Romans Age and offer different services both on the outside and on the inside pools.

10) Tasting authentic specialties from Valtellina

Wine Night in Valdidentro

In Bormio, in Valdidentro, the events to discover the authentic traditional tastes from Valtellina surely won’t miss during your summer here. From Wine Night (August 4th), the culinary walk on August 19th and the longest Pizzocherata of Italy to taste Pizzoccheri, the typical pasta from Valtellina!

Have you already decided which adventure in Valdidentro you’ll go on this summer? Or did you already try some of them? Let us know 🙂

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