An experience which you can have Only Here, at this eco-friendly Bed & Breakfast surrounded by rich flora and fauna in the Venetian countryside

An enormous garden with many native plant- and tree species, two lakes with its fishes and turtles, and various itineraries nearby the B&B to discover the territory. Everything is natural and ecological where they even produce their own potable water. Music also plays a significant role as with concerts the sounds of the instruments blends with the sounds of the nature. A peaceful and authentic experience which you can have Only Here!

I went to visit Elisa and Massimo, the owners of the eco-friendly B&B SoloQui which they recently opened, and they tell me all about their green hospitality.

A glimpse of the Parco del B & B SoloQui, and a turtle that lives in the pond
A glimpse of the Parco del B & B SoloQui, and a turtle that lives in the pond

How was this project of eco-friendly hospitality born?

Well, it was actually born quite gradually and very consequent to the way we always live” –  explains Elisa. “Just by having this space, this house and a very big garden that were all constructed, thought of and maintained with a 100% environmental viewpoint. All without any intervention like chemical products, but just really corresponding with the seasons and that what are the local native plants. Later on it just seemed natural for us, cultivating the desire over time, to realize also a B&B that is in harmony with the rest. We also organized some music concerts outside” – Massimo continues – “it was very nice because the sounds blended with the wind and the leaves of the trees. Very beautiful. In fact, the first concert we did was three year ago, and it was called ‘the Berbers immersed in green’.”

Solo Qui, an eco-friendly B&B surrounded by nature, in the Venetian Countryside
Solo Qui, the eco-friendly B&B surrounded by nature, in the Venetian Countryside

What best practices of sustainability did you adopt?

“So, most certainly a very detailed waste separation. Then we also have a photo voltaic installation system, a heat pump, and we have a charging station for electric cars. Besides that we also use well water, this is our water and always very well controlled and analysed. It is very clean, you can drink it and you can use it for whichever other activity that we do, like for example for the swimming pool. The same water we recover to use it afterwards for the garden, the plants, the vegetable garden, etc. We recover the water in a way to give it an optimal cycle, virtuous, without wasting it. Our routine regarding the actual eco-friendly business is the attention to avoid wasting things, and to use resources that are already ours and to buy as least as possible, but also when we buy to pay attention that it is natural and local.”

Solo Qui, interiors of the eco-sustainable B & B in the Venice countryside
Solo Qui, eco-friendly B&B, interiors

What itineraries or green experiences do you mostly recommend to your guests?

Well first of all to walk around in our garden, because there are many different plants species. Something that we would also really like to do is to map the native plants, so give numbers and explanations to the different plants to be able to appreciate the typical local nature of this area. Then we have our little lakes in the garden with its fish and turtles, they are always a very nice company.

And then here nearby we have nice itineraries to do by bike. There is this natural oasis and there’s a route of 100 km which you can do entirely by bike. It starts close by here and that is something that we for example suggest to our guests.

The "Solo Qui" B&B in the green of the Venetian countryside, Italy

What does to travel sustainable mean for you?

“Most certainly to give full attention to the places we go. Both when we go to sleep there, as well as when we go to eat there, so we always seek places that are as much as possible in harmony with the place that we visit. Therefore we don’t seek something different, but we seek to harmonize our travel and to live and experience the place as much as possible in which we are in that moment.”

Your next initiative with your B&B on sustainable tourism?

To increase the proposal in varied ways, we still have other spaces here that we could use and realize. Also we want to provide more bikes than we have now, to give our guests the possibility to go around the territory by just stepping outside the B&B. Many ideas, many projects!

Thanks Elisa and Massimo for the interview, and congratulations for the beautiful project!

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