A journey through the story of the Earth, to the discovery of its life, its growth, its changes but also of the damages that are occuring. “Il terzo giorno” shows the man-nature relationship through the eyes of 40 international artists and 115 contemporary works of art. Sustainability is the leading theme.

Il terzo giorno‘ is an exhibition that deepens and highlights the theme “sustainability” by using not words, but the impact and incredible narrative power of  images and art. If the course of Nature is the Art of God (Edward Young – Night Thoughts), who better than artists can find an alternative way to save our planet?

Art offers a point of view which is different from all the economic arguments. It sees Nature without thinking about quantities, but appreciating its pure beauty. Woods, mountains and oceans are not something to exploit, but an immense harmony to admire with surprise. The challenge launched by “Il terzo giorno” is this: to replace rationality with imagination, the useful with the aesthetic glance. This is the only possibility we have to save nature.

What does “il terzo giorno” mean?

“In the beginning God made the heaven and the earth. And the earth was waste and without form; and it was dark on the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was moving on the face of waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God, looking on the light, saw that it was good: and God made a division between the light ad the dark, naming the light, Day, and the dark, Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.” (Genesis)

Why “il terzo giorno”? Il terzo giorno takes its name by the biblical Creation story. According to the Genesis indeed, the third day was the day God chose to create Nature and plant species. The third day is thought to be the one in which more than three thousand years ago life originated together with nature and art. The exhibition wants to highlight this last element, most of all the man-nature relationship.

How? Telling through photos, images, works of art and illustrations the story of the Earth, beginning from its creation up to these days. It includes all the various mutations and important events that contributed to modify its characteristics, both in a positive and negative way.

The aim of the exhibition is to make people aware of the environmental problem and what is happening nowadays in order to emphasise the importance of everything we do in our own small way to help our planet. We are all to blame if our planet is slowly being destroyed.

The idea is to let art speak for itself by turning it into a silent yet powerful food for thought on the consequences of the man on nature and on himself. This to create a new feeling of love and commitment towards our Planet.

Video from Arkage Play on Vimeo.

Il Terzo Giorno: a small preview of the exhibition

The exhibition is set in the centre of Parma, in the beautiful Governor Palace, and it takes place from April 20 to July 1. Il Terzo Giorno hosts the illustrations of international artists such as  Marina Abramović, Mario Merz, Gabriele Basilico, Sebastião Salgado, John Isaacs and many others.

Jane Alexander, “Frontier with ghost”, 2007
Jane Alexander, “Frontier with ghost”, 2007

The exhibition is arranged by Didi Bozzini, researcher at the Sorbonne in Paris and professor of philosophy.  It is organised by Arkage (Artattack Group) together with  Comune di Parma.

Moreover, the exposition shows its commitment respecting the environment by giving the half of the incomes to the “Km Verde” eco-sustainable project, which wants to regenerate and replant a part of Naviglio Grande in Milan.

Social wall, events and workshops for children

The exhibition believes a lot in the new generation, our future. This is why it created a series of events for children, in order to give them through art the opportunity to learn how to better evaluate nature and the environment. Acording to this, “Gruppo Spaggiari Parma” organises workshops for schools and children from 5 to 10 years old, which are all for free: the liquid forest “Sous Bois” workshop, “the city of wood” and “my piece of sky”.

There will not miss also the social part of the exhibition. Indeed, the “social wall” is already active on the website ilterzogiorno.it . This is a page on which your photos and comments on the exhibition will be shared. They only have to be accompanied by the hashtag #ilterzogiorno to make it work.

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So, are you eager to visit this exhibition? Then you just have to come and discover it!

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