One of the most important and beautiful moments during Christmas Holidays is when everyone gathers around a table to eat delicious food together and spend some quality time with their family. To make it a special moment, one has to create the right festive and cosy atmosphere, where every detail matters. Therefore, even napkins on your table can help to make your lunch or dinner more creative and impress your guests.

Therefore, if you have organized a dinner at your house, or even better, if you are the owner of a B&B or an hotel which gets particularly crowded during holidays, decorate your restaurant tables with some of these amazing ideas to fold your napkins, leaving your customers speechless!

In this article we have decided to recommend 10 original ways to transform your napkins in little works of art and each one of them comes with an explanation video to help you with your creations.

1. Christmas tree-folded napkins

One of the most important item of Christmas: the tree! Now you will even be able to find it on your kitchen tables, in a miniature model, thanks to this idea to fold napkins. It might look complicated, but it is a very simple procedure: just fold your napkin twice until it gets into a square-shape, then rotate it to form a rhombus. Fold the flaps leaving 1 cm space between each one of them, then, fold the two extremities outwards to give them a triangular form and gradually roll the edges upward to complete your lovely tree!

Here’s a tutorial to help you: 

2. Christmas star napkins

Another easy but surprising creation is the Christmas star. By folding your napkins a few times you’ll be able to create one of the most important items of Christmas, which will give something more to your table. We suggest you use colors such as red or green for your stars, to make the atmosphere even more christmassy.

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

3. The Christmas present

In this way you can create a lovely little Christmas packet with your napkins, which can contain your cutlery. In fact, you are going to create a little containing pocket where you can put your fork, spoon and knife. You can also decorate it with ribbons, little branches and berries, just like you do when you wrap up the real Christmas presents!

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

4. A lovely and christmassy cutlery container

Based on the same concept of the little Christmas present, here’s a special cutlery container, in which you can elegantly put your forks and knives in a lovely red rhombus. Despite not being a Christmas’ item, it will make your table catchier and classier.

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

5. A simple and sophisticated bow

Perhaps one of the easiest techniques to fold napkins, but also one of the finest. In fact, to create a Christmas bow, you’ll just have to fold your napkins to make them triangle-shaped and then fold the tip inward. Roll the remaining cloth until you create a bow, that you can secure afterwards with a traditional napkin ring or any other object you like, such as ribbons or key rings!

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

6. A flame for any occasion

Not just during Christmas, but also other occasions, you’ll want to make your table look special. There are indeed many other alternatives, non-Christmas based, to fold your napkins and make them look amazing. For example, you can go for a flame: a very elegant choice, but with a sparkle touch!

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

7. The elf’s boot

A magic alternative which will delight the eyes of the smallest. Fill your table with fantasy, with napkins that look like little elves’ boots, to bring a fairy and enchanted atmosphere to your guests. To create them, just fold the two extremities of the napkin towards its centre, divide them in two and then overlap them. Rotate them towards the centre and then fold again. A little folding here and there and you’ll have created your maci elf boot. Plese watch the tutorial below to get it right.

8. The butterfly

Another creation which is perfect for any occasion and not just Christmas: the butterfly! Graceful and delicate, it’ll help you to feel less the heaviness caused by the food during dinners and lunches. Starting from a normal napkin (of any color you like!), you’ll just have to perform a few simple moves to create your table butterfly.

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

9. A cute shirt

During the holidays you’ll have to organise dinners of any kind, from the most formal to the most intimate. These napkins shirt-shaped are the right compromise between formality and friendliness, as they are very tidy and elegant but they also possess a certain ironic and playful touch. You’ll need a few more steps to make them, but it’ll surely be worth it!

Here’s a tutorial to help you:

10. And finally… a lovely rose

With a rose you can bring a floral atmosphere to your table and if you choose the right colors, such as green, red, silver or gold, it’ll also have a christmassy touch, by which your guests will be surrounded. Some rolling here and there and your rose-shaped napkins will be ready to complete your work of art!

Here’s tutorial to help you:

Thanks to these 10 suggestions you will be able to transform your table into an authentic and artistic composition and enjoy the astonished faces of your guests or customers! Sometimes, atmosphere and image play a fundamental role and influence our mood more than anything else. Therefore, don’t be sad and sullen, but get busy with your creations!

Cover photo via Canva

Author: Margherita Potrich

Born in Rovereto, Margherita studies Modern Languages for tourism and business mediation at the University of Trento – Literature and Philosophy Department. The knowledge and use of English in a work environment is her main objective; thanks to Ecobnb she had the chance to combine languages with the emerging topic of sustainable tourism.
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