Brianza is a small area just north west of Milan, Italy.
Well known for its excellence in wood furniture craftmanship, few will consider it as an ideal place to spend these lazy September week ends in nature.
How wrong we are.
Ecobnb found 5 itineraries to add your last summer week ends a “green touch” and enjoy nature with friends and family.

Art installation
The “Tulips” by Franza Stahelr, art installation at Art Rossini Site in Brianza picture via Flickr

The Rossini Art Site

The Rossini Art Site is the legacy of the entrepreneur Alberto Rossini: a park where nature, modern art and contemporary art live side by side accessible to everyone.
The park stretches over 10 hectares in the middle of the Parco Valle Lambro, one of the green area a few miles from the city of Milan.
Alberto Rossini selected the place to host his 20th century contemporary art collection.
The collection includes works from the Italian artists Giò Ponti, Bruno Munari, Grazia Varisco and internationally renowed artists such as César, Jean Tinguely, Denis Oppenheim e Nagasawa Hidetoshi to name a few.
The site calendar is jammed with activities going from kids labs, guided tour, yoga sessions etc.
Do not miss the opportunity to go and spend the last sunny days bathing in the beauty of art and nature.
The site is open every day and the entry fee starts from €9 (reduced tickets available)

One of the most poisonous plan is hemlock ad you can find it in Brianza
One of the most poisonous plan is hemlock and you can find it in Brianza

The Orto Botanico of Valmadrera

Each village or little towns in Italy has its little gem.
The little village of Valmadrera hosts a botanical garden dating back to the XVIII century when the local monks Fatebenefratelli used to grow herbs for medical reasons.
The tradition has been lost just for some years as some passionate volunteers decided to revive that antique garden and add different botanical species.
The botanical garden is now an oasis of peace turists and locals can both enjoy at no cost.
You know when they tell you that best things in life are free?
Plan a visit at Valmadrera and let the serenity and the beauty of the place heals all your trouble…at least for an afternoon.

The flowers of saffron in Vallescuria farm in Brianza
The flowers of saffron in Vallescuria farm in Brianza

Picking up saffron in the green and purple fields in Brianza

Brianza has some hidden gems.
A group of friends decides to try an experimemt: raise the delicate saffron flower right here in Brianza
Nobody would have bet on it.
Yet they are harvesting saffron at the end of November and have been doing it over the last 3 years.
Most of the saffrom goes sold before they harvest it as the quality is exceptionally good.
Ever seen a saffron flower?
Do not miss the opportunity to go and see the saffron flowers in full blossom in October and November.
Just make sure you call the owners of the Vallescuria farm so that they will be there to show you around

Cycling along the river Adda in Brianza
Cycling along the river Adda in Brianza

Biking along the river Adda

The Adda river runs through the Pianura Padana, the flat land covering the central part of North Italy.
Though the river does not cross mountains or steep hilly areas, the territory along the river bed is far from being monotonous and it does not lack beautiful and lavish views.
The legend says that Leondardo Da Vinci took the inspiration for his masterpiece “The virgin of the rocks” from the woods around the Adda river.
If you think carrying a bike all the way here could prove a little difficult, here is the solution for you: rent a bike.
If you head to Imbersago, a small village on the river side, you will be ale to hire a bike and start your day out along this placid river .
One tip: if you are a painter, do not forget to bring your sketch book with you. If the place inspired Leonardo, chances are you may feel inspired as well: Autumn light is just perfect!

Crossing the river Adda in Brianza on the boat designed by Leonardo Da Vici picture by Viaggevolmente
Crossing the river Adda in Brianza on the boat designed by Leonardo Da Vici picture by Viaggevolmente

Crossing the river under the sign of Leonardo Da Vinci

And speaking of Leonardo, you surely do not want to miss the opportunity to board on the unique and only active boat the Italian genius drew.
The boat carries people and vehicles from one side to the other of teh river: it is a short and silent trip, approx 5 minutes.
Silent? Well, yes it is.
The boat moves thanks to the river tides.
Extra value: you will be welcomed aboard by the lovely captain Ingrid, a slender blonde who works here everyday from 9 am to 7 pm.
It’s like stepping back into the XV century. Are you ready for it?

Spend the last days of summer in the Nature visiting Brianza.

Brianza, Milan, Italy
Ph. by Cristiana Pedrali, via


Where to stay in Brianza: Oasi Galbusera Bianca is an elegant country house in the upper Brianza where to taste bio natural cooking from the local bio farm

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