The feng-shui philosophy allows you to create harmonious spaces in which to find wellness and balance. Here are some tips for decorating your home and to find an eco-friendly room attentive to the principles of feng-shui even on vacation.

Feng-shui, the laws of harmony even on holiday

The fen-shui is an ancient Chinese Taoist art, auxiliary architecture that is based on the harmony between the two principles of all, the Yin and Yang. The origins of this Eastern philosophy are uncertain, but appear very old, more than 5000 years. The Feng-shui offers a set of practices and rules for the interpretation of the landscape, the construction of the shapes and the interior spaces of buildings, in order to avoid negative influences.

The word literally means “wind and water“, the two elements that shape the earth and that determine the characteristics of a particular place. The rules of this philosophy are therefore based on the influence that natural and astrological phenomena have on each of us and how they must be respected in furnishing and construction of our homes.

For the past several years, Feng-shui also arrived in the Western world, although sometimes simplified. There are many architects who meet the guidelines to build and furnish the building of our cities. We too can try to apply some of the rules to create more harmonious environment at home or in our bed & breakfast.

Feng-shui, the laws of harmony even on holiday

The front door from where the opportunities enter

The ideal entry should be exposed to the south and should be open on a pleasant sight, like a painting or a plant. The door must open inward, and nearby there must be no accumulation of objects.

Restorative sleep in a harmonious bedroom

A bedroom that follows the principles of Feng-shui ensures a good night’s rest, away from the noise and interference. There must be a few items and the bed should not be placed in front of the door, or directly under a window. The ideal is to place the bed, in wood and non-metal, in the opposite corner at the entrance with the head adhering to the wall and oriented towards east.

The colors in Feng-shui

Each environment has a more suitable color: red or orange in the living room facilitate conversation with family or friends. The blue and green in the bedrooms promote relaxation and sleep. Yellow is suitable in the kitchen because it stimulates the appetite and gives energy.

The windows

The windows of the house have to be big to make the most of natural light. It would be better to avoid facing windows on the busy streets, and in case you need to protect them with light-colored curtains, which will not hinder too much natural light.

Feng-shui kitchen tips

Bright, airy, spacious, preferably rectangular in shape: the kitchen should not be in a transition zone and possibly the area for the preparation of the food should be separated from the places in which it is then consumed, as far as possible, also with sliding partitions or with a tent. Finally, natural furniture, preferably in wood, with warm and inviting colors are best.

Feng-shui, the laws of harmony even on holiday

Feng-shui even on holiday

Some eco-sustainable accommodations in Europe offer comfortable rooms furnished according to the principles of Eastern philosophy, so as to ensure guests harmonious ambience for a quiet night on holiday.

Between two lakes in Switzerland

At the Hotel Eden Spiez you can find space for relaxation and reflection.
The rooms are spacious, luxurious and decorated by designers and Feng-shui experts. There is also a beautiful spa with turkish bath, sauna, swimming pool and showers.

Organic farm in Apulia

Lama di Luna is an eighteenth-century farmhouse, restored in three years of painstaking work, with bio-architecture and in full respect of its history and reg-shui principles, set in 190 hectares of natural landscape, olive, cherry, almond orchards and vineyards, all organically grown.

Feng-shui on Lake Garda

Two eco-sustainable accommodations that overlook Lake Garda, the first on the Veneto side and one on the Lombard one, follow the principles of feng-shui. Eco Hotel Ariston is located in Malcesine, just a short walk from the historic center, the caste, the cable car of Monte Baldo and the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda. The Bio Bed & Breakfast “Vivere la vita” is rather in the heart of the moraine hills between vineyards and olive groves on the beautiful banks of the lake.

Between the mountains of Bavaria

The hotel Mattlihüs was built according to the principles of Feng Shui and offers its guests a natural environment, a healthy sleep and a conscious lifestyle. Everything here is designed for your well-being: from the natural furniture of the rooms to the organic cuisine.

The first certified organic hotel in Greece

Mani Sonnenlink is a Feng Shui-resort that offers apartments, bungalows, tents, rooms for meditation, an outdoor theater, and excellent organic food.

In one of the most exciting cities in the world, well-being, and harmony of Feng-shui

Valerie and David invite you into their beautiful home in London, an oasis of peace and tranquility not far from the center. The harmonious atmosphere is based on feng-shui principles, and breakfast is vegetarian and organic.

Author: Chiara Marras

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