Viterbo is certainly one of the jewels of Lazio, an ancient city full of charm and history, with one of the most beautiful and best preserved historical centers of Italy. It is set in the Tuscia, the northern part of the region, characterized by pristine nature and numerous Etruscan and Roman archaeological sites.

Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola, Viterbo
Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola

Viterbo is famous for being the city of the Popes, for its intact city walls, for the impressive number of fountains in the center, for the Renaissance palaces. But perhaps what makes Viterbo famous everywhere are the hot springs, known since ancient times: the city is surrounded by numerous hot springs, and its thermal mineral basin is one of the most abundant of Italy. So, next to luxurious facilities, you can find several free hot springs, natural pools where you can spend some relaxing hours. Let’s discover some of them!

The Baths of Bullicame

It is the best known source of Viterbo, and here, at the center of the park, there is a lovely pool formed by a natural deep crater, where the water flows at a temperature of 5 ° C. On the source side, you can read the lines of Canto XIV of Dante’s Inferno, in which the poet compares the sulphurous fumes of Bulicame to the dark atmosphere of hell.

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Carletti pools

A set of pools where the thermal water comes up to a temperature of 58 ° C; you will be able to pass from the first three pool, those closest to the source and therefore the hottest, to the other two where the water becomes lukewarm. The pools are open all year round, at all times: you can live the experience of a warm bath under the stars.

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Masse di San Sisto

They aren’t free anymore, but it’s worth paying the annual fee to join the Association that is taking care of maintenance. The thermal ares consists of two pools, a large supplied with hot water and a smaller and colder, where the water reaches 18°.

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Terme dei Papi

Among the Spas, we have to mention the Terme dei Papi, a charming place where history and nature meet. At this link you can find rates and opening times of the spa pool, a monumental pool of over 2,000 square meters, powered directly from Bullicame source. Do not miss the beauty treatments for face and body, using the beneficial thermal mud, rich in antioxidants.

Where to stay in Viterbo

There are many eco-friendly accommodations in Viterbo and its surroundings. Book an organic farm or a charming B&B! You can sleep in a tree house at the magical farmhouse La Piantata, or take part to the farm activities at organic farmhouse Arvalia where you can also take the genuine products of the earth, or even choose a low-cost solution in the countryside of Viterbo, at bed and breakfast La Gioia dei Sensi, in the ideal location to visit all the hot springs! A little further away from Viterbo, 30 minutes from the hot springs, you can also find the organic farm Grignano and Casale Hortensiae, a eco-sustainable bed & breakfast immersed in nature.