Walking at high altitude, in front of breathtaking views, immersed in absolute silence, breathing pure air like you’ve never breathed, relaxing in a sauna or in a hay bath: let’s spend a mountain holiday in a spectacular refuge to live in harmony with nature.

1. Refuge Bella Vista – South Tyrol

Refuge Bella Vista

It is a stop on the European Path E5 that, from the Atlantic coast in Brittany, crosses the Alps, via Switzerland, Germany and Austria. But above all a gourmet stop to taste the canederli and a wellness stop to try the highest sauna in Europe, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, at 2845m above sea level.

Info: Refuge Bella Vista

2. Casello Margherita – Calabria

Sila National Park

It is one of the few refuges in Calabria, the first of the Sila National Park. A former roadhouse, restored following the principles of green building, immersed in the chestnut and beech trees. Depending on the season itineraries change, but that they are by snowshoeing or by mountain bike, will allow you to discover enchanting places.

Info: Casello Margherita

3. Refuge Crete Sèche – Valle d’Aosta


It is the perfect place to rediscover the pleasure of being together, there is no TV, no internet, but there is the welcome and friendship. Between climbing and the other on the historic streets of the Vierge de l’Aroletta you can taste the typical products of the Valpelline with good company.

Info: Refuge Crete Seche

4. Refuge Lagdei – Emilia Romagna

Discover the Emilia's Apennines in a beautiful refuge

A plate of homemade cappelletti pasta, the sound of small streams and greenery around: the Refuge Lagdei is the gateway to discover the most beautiful places the Apennines, by walking, by horseback or mountain biking.

Info: Refuge Lagdei

5. Berggasthaus Aescher – Switzerland

Berggasthaus Aescher - Switzerland

A unique haven in the world, set in the rock. It is only accessible by foot and when you arrive, you run out of words. The scenery is amazing, unreal. The services’ refuge are essential, but in a place so you realize you do not need anything more.

Info: Berggasthaus Aescher

6. Refuge Garulla – Marche


It’s a stop on the beautiful hiking trail of 120 km that covers the whole territory of the National Park of Sibillini Mountains, it lies at the foot of Mount Amendola and overlooks the underlying hills to the sea. Here you can discover the old local recipes prepared with great care and attention in the choice of ingredients.

Info: Garulla Refuge

7. Refuge Pian delle Gorre – Piedmont

Refuge Pian delle Gorre

In the heart of the Natural Park of Marugureis, a classic mountain cabin, that’s self-sufficient, invites you to taste the house specialty, a dish of rustic polenta topped with  Piedmontese meat, sausage, local cheeses.

Info: Pian delle Gorre

8. Malga Riondera – Trentino

Malga Riondera - Trentino

fresh spring water, excellent organic breakfast, and around the wonders of the Natural Park of Lessinia: here you will find your Trentino home, where you can learn how to cook the bread with a wood oven, or do yoga in a heated room.

Info: Malga Riondera

9. Refuge Pratorotondo – Liguria

Refuge Pratorotondo

Along the High Street of the Ligurian Mountains and numerous European routes, among beech woods, rocky areas and meadows, the Refuge of Pratorotondo welcomes you to tell and share this corner of Liguria, a place inhabited by wild boars and deer, where you can admire an unparalleled view that goes from Ventimiglia to Tuscany, till you see the north coast of Corsica.

Info: Refuge Pratorotondo

10. Refuge Mario Bezzi – Aosta Valley

Refuge Mario Bezzi in Val d'Aosta

Live the typical atmosphere of the high mountains, enjoy the classic flavors of Aosta Valley in this green valley, surrounded by glaciers and mountains. Everything is designed to make you feel at home.

Info: Refuge Mario Bezzi

Seek refuge in one of these spectacular accommodation, all with a low environmental impact, harmoniously set in the territory to discover mountain life, its smells, its starry sky.

Cover image: Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland, ph. by Nicolas Glauser, via Travelita.ch

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