It didn’t happened for 38 years and will not happen again until 2034. Santa Claus this year will really bring us a gift on Christmas day; this year, the full moon of December will coincide exactly with the 25, making this day even more magical.

The last month of the year’s full moon is known as the cold moon. The culmination of the phenomenon is expected at Italian 12:15 but the day will be so short that we will see the full moon rise only a few hours after the climax.
From the scientific point of view the event is not particularly important, but it is a striking coincidence that will make Christmas Day really bright.

But where you can see even better this phenomenon of the sky? Here are 5 ideas for a Christmas with the full moon!

1. The full moon in the mountains

In the mountains the sky can be seen even better and in the mountain the most beautiful and suitable accommodations for Christmas are definitely the chalets. Discover here the best ones in Europe!

Chale at night covered in snow

2. Among the wild parks of Casentino

In an fairytale environment, among enchanted forests and breathtaking waterfalls you can enjoy the wilderness of the Natural Park of the Casentino Forests between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. You could also hear the howling of wolves! Sleep at the entrance of the park at the Il Vecchio Comune Guest House.

Natural Park of the Casentino Forests

3. From Mount Etna

Discover the volcano, observe its craters and come up to the top: now enjoy the view. The biggest volcano in Italy is the destination of beautiful trips, both in summer and in winter when it is covered with snow. To relax from the excursion spend the night at the Casa di Paglia Felcerossa Permacultura sull’Etna.

Mount Etna at night

4. Among wolves and deer

Discover the Italian sacred mountain, the massive of Abruzzo. Mount Majella is home of abbeys, caves and rare natural beauties. Hence we believe the full moon will seem even more beautiful!

Majella in winter

5. The full moon in the sea

Here, according to singer Lucio Dalla, there’s a wonderful sky that you can see equal only in the Sahara. We’re speaking of the Tremiti islands, that are part of the wonderful and incredible Gargano National Park. Admire the sea shimmering in the light of the full moon in this corner of paradise!

Tremiti Islands with the full moon

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