Advent has come! This is the time of Christmas trees (strictly eco !), Nativity scenes and, last but not least, the time of the Christmas markets! In the north of Italy they are a tradition, but in many places in the south they are a recent discovery, a “fashion mood” to chase and ride!

The Christmas markets to discover, in the south!

Markets is that of a secular tradition, a kind of party that happens to ancient times. It may be , however, a curious and funny way to rediscover the traditions of some wonderful villages, searching for the most original gift to place under the tree…

Not only in the north of the country, we said, just think about Naples: here we can find the beautiful and timeless market of San Gregorio Armeno , a hymn to the “crib” in all its forms and variations!

These workshops in Naples are open all year round: a “must” destination for tourists!

But today we will focus on those markets, from the center to the south, we can find in those countries often mistreated, in order to find out the real meaning of Christmas: the rediscovery of authentic flavors and local typicality, to encourage a wave of tourism ” good “and sustainable!

Naples, Italy, historic street "San Gregorio Armeno",  pizza maker
Naples, Italy, historic street “San Gregorio Armeno”, pizza maker


The market of Candles. Candelara…

We are in the center of Italy, Pesaro. Nobody knows that here we can find the first Christmas market devoted to Italian candles. For three weekends in a row you can rush from all over the world and enjoy this exciting event!

From 30 November to 15 December, the beautiful festival will take place in a beautiful Italian village, medieval and  intact. There will be three scheduled shutdowns of electric lighting each 15 minutes (17:30 , 18:30 and 19:30)… and everything will be left to the charm of hundreds of candles smoldering and reassuring… and above all , ecological! The atmosphere will be further illuminated by hundreds of bright balloons and amazing fireworks!

Here you can enjoy the process of construction of dozens of cribs enchanted with natural materials such as stone , wood and ceramics. Then come back to celebrate the wonderful holiday candles, prepared with the ancient medieval method of beeswax. Excellent opportunity to discover the territory and traditions of the past . In fact, there will also be demonstrations of working wicker and wrought iron! In the village you will also find a good Santa Claus, to accommodate the demands of children and adults .

Even the music! Thanks to Brass Orchestra of the complex musical Candelara  you will be carryied along the path to the central street of the village, where you will find fifty wooden house, gifts and candles of all shapes. You will run two large heated structures that will offer traditional dishes : polenta with mushrooms, cod with potatoes, botched and herbs cooked, grilled meat, flatbread, fried olives, apple fritters, roasted chestnuts and new wine.


Renew our invitation to experience a two-day absolutely green! In the area you can stay at the Agriturismo San Cristoforo at Vallugola where you can enjoy an excellent extra virgin olive oil from organic stone ground olives! And, why not, organizing a bike ride or a trek along the trails of Monte San Bartolo!

Try it!

Candela, foto di Bostik, via Flickr

The rediscovery of Abruzzo: Avezzano markets

We are in the heart of bell’Abruzzo, Avezzano, near L’Aquila. Here the Christmas markets will be housed in the elegant Piazza Risorgimento. The event aims to enhance local food , cultural heritage , landscape and the environment and the promotion of crafts and food .

To expect there will be a wonderful Christmas village kiosks in fragrant wood , stalls with local specialties tasting and tastes, curious wandering characters and the inevitable Christmas decorations, many craft and unpublished!

An excellent opportunity to find the missing gift and to enjoy the typical dishes of Abruzzo, but there is much more!

Santa Claus, in his little hut set up in the square, will decide whether to insert you in the list of the coupons and will give you candy and treats… Then a beautiful cross- ice skating (ecological track!) , the puppet theater, mulled wine like rain, sweet and very typical dining to warm up all together!

But, as we said, it will also be a wonderful opportunity to discover the culture of unexplored: it will be possible to visit the Gallery of Modern Art of the Orsini castle, the permanent museum of civilization and the Town Hall (lapidary). Even antiques lovers will be lost in the maze of the many stalls and find an unexpected object!

For those who want to stop and renew the magic of Christmas the day after we recommend to make a stop at The Acacia green, nestled in the heart of Abruzzo, between the mountains of the province of L’Aquila. To rediscover, with the occasion of Christmas, an ancient way of life tied to the land of food and traditions.

Christmas markets in Italy
Christmas markets in Italy


A  market “perched” in the province of Viterbo

A Vitorchiano (Viterbo) , the mass of Peperino , you can find , on certain days (weekend and the grand finale for the Epiphany) , the wonderful Christmas markets . Everything will take place in Piazza Umberto I, before the fortified gate of access to the country.

Here in Vitorchiano the beauty of the landscape does not need any kind of description: a medieval village completely intact, which has towers, hidden alleys, shady streets and a lot of history.

Here, too, we advise you to extend your stay , and why not, to experiment, if you’ve never done , the experience of a truly green .

The Organic Farm Arvalia awaits you in the heart of the countryside of Viterbo! Here farming is still an important resource for the inhabitants of the area. The decision to produce vegetables organically stems from the desire to perform an activity in harmony with the environment without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order to achieve a healthy and quality. Why not try to be better with nature? After all, it’s Christmas time!

Stall selling Christmas balls

If you are curious to discover new markets at the first edition, just turn a bit  for our country and find out Christmas market in the District Baianese, Sirignano (Avellino), which is precisely the first edition.

In addition to the markets of which we have already told, we suggest to you some others, once again from the center to the south!


Piazza Santa this year will host from November 26 to December 23, the Weihnachtsmarkt, the traditional German Christmas market… Frankfurters, sauerkraut, pretzels, strudel and other typical products of the Germanic tradition, not just a km0 event, but definitely not to be missed for those who love different flavors!
Info: Christmas Market in Florence


For those who love the cribs and traditional and popular exposition of San Gregorio Armeno in Naples which we have given notice, we suggest the ” Fair of papier-mâché puppets !”
Info: Christmas Market in Lecce


In Sicily you can visit a beautiful Christmas market, that’s the truth! Erice is a medieval village, hometown of a market of locally made handicrafts and food from Trapani… In the market you will find decorations, enjoying the typical Trapanese cooking!
Info: Christmas Market in Erice

Erice fortress, Italy
Erice fortress, Italy

And now, what else to say… Let’s start to get lost in the maze of markets !


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