In the Gargano Natural Park (South Italy) spring is warm: you can try the thrill of the first swim in the sea, and enjoy the sun in the cove of your dreams. In Sicily you can discover the beauty of Etna volcano on board of an old railway path, in Lazio you can try for free the natural hot baths, in Liguria you can sleep in an old village, in Trentino Alto Adige you can still enjoy snow! Discover our green ideas for an ecofriendly Easter holiday in Italy.

1. Easter holidays in Puglia: find out the cove of your dreams

You can choose to walk in the green, citrus, pine trees, prickly pear trees and orchids, or lie down in the sun on the white sand like powder. The National Park of Gargano (Puglia) is one of the largest natural parks in Italy, where the mountain combines wonderfully with the sea. After a long trek in the nature you can experience the thrill of swimming in the sea or discover the cove of your dreams! Read More

Gargano, Puglia, italy
Gargano, Puglia, ph. by Carmen Fiano, via flickr

2. Easter holidays in Sicily: explore Etna aboard of an oldstyle train

A tour of Etna volcano by train is a unique experience. The historic railway Circumetnea climbs on the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe, between lava flows and rocks, through small ancient villages and up to go down to the sea. And along the way you can also stop in an ecofriendly farmhouse .. Read More

Etna, Sicily, by trein
Etna by trein, ph. by puffodrax, via flickr

3. Easter holidays in Lazio: the spa is natural, and free!

Nature offers unexpected resources. From the land gushing hot water, it becomes a small river steaming, and then collects in pools of natural rock, surrounded by meadows and woods.

Bathe in the healing waters of the natural springs is an unforgettable experience. And totally free, this is the amazing thing! Read More

Saturnia natural thermal pools
Saturnia natural thermal pools, ph. by Jarle Refs, via Flickr

4. Easter holidays in Trentino Alto Adige: there is still snow!

The last snow fell just a week ago. The snow is still in the woods and on the ski slopes. It ‘s the perfect time to enjoy the last glimpses of winter, with ski slopes that stretch to the sun shining just for us. The white will give way to the colors of spring, but in the meantime it is still there, crunching under our feet. You can even choose to sleep in an igloo ice at high altitude. We have thought it? Read More

Snow in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
Snow and Spring, ph. by Luca Candini, via flickr

5. Easter holidays in Liguria: here you stay in an old village

There are more than 5,000 abandoned villages in Italy, especially in Basilicata and Abruzzo, in some areas of Marche, Tuscany and Liguria. They are almost always wonderful ghost town that offer incredible possibilities for new forms of responsible tourism. In some cases, these villages “endangered” were transformed in Alberghi Diffusi, a special formula of hospitality that enriches the place and the local community.

The Torri Superiore Ecovillage Ventimiglia (Liguria) is one of the most significant example of ghost town recovered. Today Torri Superiore is an ecological village where you can spend an unic holiday in harmony with nature, sleeping in the old village and exploring the mountain that falls into the sea.  Read More

Cover photo: Zagare Bay Puglia, photos of Carmen Fiano, via flickr

Torri Superiore ecovillage, Liguria, Italy,
Torri Superiore ecovillage, Liguria, Italy, ph. by sarahruthvg, via flickr

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