i’m planning to go on a bike trip this October, from Peschiera to Mantua. We’re 6 people. Can you tell us please if there is a tour operator that can help us with the bike rent, the transport for the return trip and the booking of a hotel in Mantua?
Thank you!

Dear Genni,
thank you for your text. The cycle-path Peschiera – Mantua is one of the most beautiful in Italy, among the green nature of Po valley, the Mincio waters, its Natural Park and beautiful medieval small towns. We talked about it here in our blog.

Along the cycle path of Mincio, view of Borghetto. Photo of Pamela via Flickr
Along the cycle path of Mincio, view of Borghetto. Photo of Pamela via Flickr

The rural landscape of the cycle-path offers the silence and the fragrances of nature and it’s an oasis of peace and quiet. It’s suitable for all ages, even for kids, and it doesn’t pose any difficulties. Nevertheless, I suggest you to equip yourself properly because of its length (more than 40 kilometers).

If you want to book an eco accommodation in Mantua, you can search here. For the bike rent, you can find different online operators; I suggest you this one that I found here.
Via Venezia, 21 Peschiera del Garda
Tel: 3478932344
I suggest you to browse this site of APAM, it offers the service bicibus, so that you can easily come back to Peschiera. At this link you can find the detailed itinerary, with must-see stops, the timing and the other features of this beautiful path among nature and beside Mincio river. I also suggest you to download the GPS tracks of the cycle-path or to print this map.

I wish you a good biking! If you want, send us your pictures!

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