If you are an experienced explorer of the woods or simply walkers in the nature, especially at night, you may see strange lights shining through the trees.

Coming closer, you could see big shapes, like spaceships, which stand out against the black background of the forest. Unknown aliens, flying saucers landed silently on the earth?

None of that. They are explorers, like you have, who set in the trees a Tentsile, a new type of tent that allows you to sleep suspended from the ground.

The idea was born in London in 2010 by the London architect Alex Shirley-Smith, who with designer Kirk Kirchev later perfects the features to make it usable by anyone, anywhere.

The particularity of this tent is that it is not fixed to a single tree, but among more trees hooking the long prosthesis to the surrounding branches, thus assuming the particular form of a “spaceship”. The goal is to combine comfront and versatility, with only one rule: experiment!

It does not matter that you are among the mighty oaks of Trentino, the majestic beech trees in Umbria or silver trees of the Olives in Puglia, all kinds of branches, the authors ensure, are suitable for fixing the tent.

The effect is sleeping actually suspended off the ground: an unknown situation to us, between the sky and the earth. Looking out from the tent, the view extends from below on the ground until the stars that shine over the forest.

The love for the nature that leads the authors to create Tentsile is the same that moves them to plant three trees for every tent sold, to contribute to environmental sustainability.

The prices are definitely not prohibitive and range from about € 480 for the base model (currently discounted to 370) up to 1200 Euros for the best equipped.

So if you happen to catch a glimpse of some of these strange ships in the woods, don’t worry: it’s just a walker who is experiencing in the nature a “space” night.

Info: www.tentsile.com

Tentsile Tree Tents

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