Once upon a time Italians used to go to the…river banks.
The few lucky Italians who could afford it used to go to the seaside resorts for a vacation during summer months. The other ones simply found their own sea at home: a countryside canal, a creek, a small alpine lake, the canals of the city and town where they lived, everywhere you could spot a little water you could spot kids, shy ladies and muscular men relaxing in the shade.
Incredible as it may seem the city beach glorious days are back, at least in Turin and Florence.
If we are to believe the Neapolitan philosopher Gianbattista Vico and his “theory of the courses and historical claims” according to which the same events are repeated with no main differences all through history, the new city beach revival should not surprise us.

Turin: two city beaches for the first capital of Italy

The Murazzi, as the banks of the Po River are known in Turin, have gone through a real revolution over the last few years. Once known as the malavita home, the banks became later on the hippest neighborhoods of the city where the local and non-so local trendy community could find the most glamourous venues for a drink and the pleasures of nightlife.
Finally the Arci and Aics, local associations, have turned the space into a beach, actually two beaches: one soft sand beach and one artificial turf beach.
Turin citizens can now play beach volley, work on their tans, have a pic nick on the riverside and even practice yoga.
The Murazzi beaches open every day from 10 AM to 2 AM
Admission fee goes from € 2 to € 5 per person

Florence: Arno and the city.

If you are planning to visit Florence, bring the sun lotion and the bath suit with you.
The Terrazza Piazza Poggi has been turned into a sandy beach where Florentines and visitors can enjoy a terrace with a view to quote the well-known romance Edward Morgan Forrester dedicated to Florence at the beginning of the XX century.
The local association PiazzArt has been working hard to restore the city river to its past glorious days when the Arno was the centre of the life. The opening of the beach area goes that direction.
The Arno beach flourishes with activities and events each day:

  • Are you a family with toddlers and kids? The Arno beach has a specific kids corner with baby and kids facilities
  • Yoga passionate? Have a look at the yoga sessions scheduled on Sundays
  • Looking for a place where to have a drink and admire the sunset over the Florence cupolas? Musica al tramonto, music at sunset, is the right appointment for you every evening at sunset time.
  • A little hungry? The snack point offers bio food.
  • Need to surf the web but do not want to miss the city sound and sun? Wifi connection available

The EasyLiving space is open from10 AM to 1.30 AM up to September, 6.

Is the city beach the next evolution in holiday trend?

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