It starts, walk from the heart of Aosta, the beautiful Piazza Chanoux, walking slowly along ancient footpaths and mule tracks up to the highest part of the Valpelline, one of the lesser-known valleys of Valle d’Aosta, along with 4 nice donkeys, which help to carry the luggage of intrepid travelers.

You walk slowly, to enjoy the essence of the place, through natural and ancient paths used in the past by residents and travelers.

You can touch the authentic character of one of the lesser-known valleys of Valle d’Aosta, tasting the delicious local cheeses and wines, chatting with the locals and discover their ancient crafts.

The adventure begins Friday, June 20, visiting the fascinating Roman ruins of Aosta (the remains of the ancient Roman Theatre and the Porta Praetoria) and after a few hours walk you will find yourself surrounded by the powerful nature of the italian Alps.

strada giusta Valpelline 4


In the small town of Roisan a beekeeper explains his work and his hives and children are performing in a picturesque open-air theater with popular songs in dialect.

The path continues through small villages inhabited and unspoiled nature. In the village of Oyace you rest and admire the curious and interesting works of art by a local craftsman that reproduces in miniature houses and monuments in the country.

A Bionaz and along the road that leads to the mountain huts, you can visit the small local farms that produce and sell the delicious meats and cheeses of the region. The same products that you can taste in the cozy local inn, with polenta, sipping a glass of wine.

An adventure of ancient times, to find a corner of the mountain still authentic and unspoiled, the slow pace of donkeys!

Info: The event is free, the cost of living in accommodations start from 145 €.

For information and reservations:, tel. 347.0330713

Valpelline, mastino70
Valpelline, ph. by mastino70, via flickr

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