A crazy adventure, where 100 special cyclists, italian writers and editors, travel on two wheels through Italy, stopping in Bookstores, Libraries, Cultural festivals .

The first edition of  “Il giro d’Italian in 80 librerie” (“The Tour of Italy in 80 libraries”) came from Aosta and will arrive in Rome, stopping at the Book Fair in Turin, along the ancient Via Francigena, in a succession of kilometers, publishers, authors and readers.

“A cultural and environmental relay race, through one of the most beautiful countries in the world”, thus defining the creators, and are already thinking of a 2015 edition, cycling from Sicily to the Adriatic sea and the Arch alpine.

The adventure on two wheels is starded in Aosta on May 2nd, and many writers are cycling connecting libraries, schools and libraries, places of dreams and pleasure.

The adventure is 2000 km long: from Aosta, Ivrea, Turin, Chivasso, Vercelli, Pavia, Milan, Lodi , Crema , Piacenza, Fidenza , Fornovo , Berceto , Pontremoli, Sarzana , Camaiore, Viareggio, Pisa , Livorno , Cecina , Piombino, Grosseto, Orbetello , Tuscania , Viterbo, Camps, to Rome.

The great thing is that anyone who wants to rediscover the pleasure of slowness and reading can climb into the saddle of your bike and share a piece of the road with the authors.

To discover all the stages of this literary relay race www.letteraturarinnovabile.com

Author: Silvia Ombellini

I am an architect with a passion for travel. I think it is urgent to be able to live in harmony with the ecosystem we are part of. After the birth of my second baby, Leo, I began to work at Ecobnb, an adventure undertaken to change the way we travel, to make it more sustainable, respectful of the environment, places and people.
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