At Montalto Ligure, in the province of Imperia, Italy, Limone and Gina, two cute little donkeys have replaced the motor vehicles in the implementation of recycling collection. As in many Italian villages, in fact, the narrow streets of stone of the wonderful village of Montalto make it impractical passage of heavy motor vehicles. For that reason, the inhabitants have endeavored to solve this problem without having to give up a so important collection.

So, every morning the two donkeys slowly through the narrow streets of the village, together with an operator, who from house to house collecting paper, glass, plastic and humid. The baskets (named “gerle”), which were once used to bring the fruits harvested in the country, today are filled by waste collection, and then emptied into bins along the road . The two friendly donkeys , tireless workers, are housed in a municipal barn controlled by security cameras.

This initiative, as well as take us back in time (we think it nice to wake up with the sound of hooves under the window?), has several benefits:
– Reduces the use of fuel
– Reduces air pollution (and noise)
– Reduces costs
And ‘therefore doubly beneficial to the environment and the community.

The good news is that thanks to funding from this region, this project collection donkey will be extended to other small towns like less than two thousand inhabitants of Liguria.

It will make happy inhabitants, moms, but especially the children, who will ne not disturbed by smog and vans, and who will see every day this docile animals.

It will make delighted tourists, who for one day will make a blast from the past, waking up with the sound of hooves surrounded by the wonderfull landscape of the ancient Italian village.

Montalto Liguria by Pirotek
Montalto Liguria, ph. by Pirotek, via flickr


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Author: Silvia Ombellini

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